16 April 2012

midnight cheerios

right now our tva home looks exactly like it did almost two years ago as newlyweds: empty, quiet, unorganized, food-less....except now we have a cute little baby snoring in the back room. It's bittersweet. We'll finally be escaping the list of pet-peeves we've been accumulating that's ONLY known in TVA. Inconsiderate neighbors, messed up tv, messed up water heating....and on and on....but then it's a little sad. We are leaving our first HOME. Our OWN private escape. The place where we first walked in as Mr. & Mrs. Aspinall. And where we returned one early morning, dark circles under our tired eyes with a precious newborn cuddled warm in my arms.

It's crazy how a one bedroom apartment, can accumulate so much STUFF over a short period of time. I guess I've been very good at organizing things into every little space we had, because it seemed like no matter what, our house was NOT emptying, haha. Eventually, after many trips to our car, back and forth to my parents (our next temporary bungalow before Down Under), to the dumpster, and to the donation bin....our home has a bed, tv, laptop and enough cheerios and milk to eat out of a cup we forgot behind. My back hurts, James' entire body aches...and yet we still have the fridge, bathroom & floor to get at, not to mention our tv. It's 12:38am, and basically our mood is "ahh freck it all" lol. We're on our break, we're almost pau, by 11:30am tomorrow we'll officially be checked out. I smell like lemon clorox wipes, James has bleach stains all over his red shirt, and we both have matching wrinkly but chapped hands from scrubbing everything. I'm pretty sure our apartment is way cleaner than when we moved in.

After we're out & the new bedroom is organized & we catch up on our sleep & when I can find time before returning to work.....then I'll update on the craziness of the past week. Like I GRADUATED, yay me....anyways, I hope we don't get fined for anything. TVA loves to collect money I hear, :)

TVA L110, it took me forever to memorize your address and now we're out of here. Goodbye gecko's and bogus ant traps....and the karaoke neighbors who belch until 1:30a.m.!!! But we'll miss you walls, who've seen James & I grow as a family....and have kept us sane from the world outside. Goodbye to all our friends who have definitely touched our hearts in some way....until we meet again!


  1. This brings back wonderful memories of the TVA life! Congrats on graduating and being a working mommy and a great wife! It's tough but can be done. I'm excited for the new adventures you'll have living in a different country. Maybe we'll get to catch up with you folks sometime in the outback :)

  2. Okay, I feel like I've been totally out of it. Sooo many exciting things happening. I'm so happy for you guys. I bet it's so nice to finally feel like all those nights of studying have paid off! I hope things in the future work out for you guys. Now go make more babies!!!