09 August 2012


This morning BOTH of our iphone alarms woke us up to make the drive out to Castle Hospital for my 28th Week checkup and Glucose test. I seriously wanted this part of my pregnancy to get over with because 1) having to fast after midnight 2) my mouth/throat is soo dry when I wake up 3) I wake up super hungry but cant eat 3) I barely sleep for fear of missing my alarm & getting stuck in traffic...

It turned out that YES, everything above happened, minus the traffic. We arrived early, my appointment wasn't until 8:45am, however the nice nurse got me on the orange drink at 8:15am. The nice nurse actually got into it with another "niele" nurse next door, who made a big deal that I had arrived early and was being seen/serviced before my appointment. I guess another woman was scheduled at 8:30am, and Miss "Niele" Nurse wanted my Nice Nurse to wait to give me the drink.....well, Nice Nurse didn't budge, or care and gave it to me anyways, haha. 

I didn't have a negative experience with last pregnancy's glucose test. Some friends I've heard threw it up, or couldn't handle it. If anything, I welcomed a cool drink down my dry throat. The nurse was surprised at how fast I gulped it down. Do women take their time? My motto: get it over & done with, lol. I didn't pass my first test last time, so hmmm....NOT looking forward to the three hour if I need to.

I saw a different doctor than usual, as my other was on vacation. I assumed my weight gain was pretty ok, until the doc said I had gained "a little more than she likes". Which is kinda weird, since I feel/look smaller than I was with Mahie at this time. Even with fitting clothes. Plus my usual doctor had always given me positive feedback & encouragement at each appointment. So I guess you could say her words dampened my morning glow. But then I guess it made sense when she asked if I ate a lot of fruit (which I had been), and she told me to totally cut it out of my diet because of sugar intake, even my whole wheat breads & milk. Which are basically everything that WIC encourages you to eat, LOL, so ironic right?

Controlling sugar intake= preventing having a "big baby". Mahie was an 8pounder, and the medical staff was like WHOA!!!! (irrits) But then on the other hand, I had friends doing the Whole Foods+Organic+Zumba+Yoga thing, and they had bigger babies than me! 9pounders, 10poounders and some needing emergency c-section. My conclusion to all the future Mama's, don't let your emotional hormones take over and allow what doc says to make you feel :( :( Yes, be healthy/active as possible or like me, how much your laziness & first child will allow, but its okay if you're not a Preggo Fitness Fanad. Only YOU know your body & progress. Everyone else is going off of charts. & like I said about charts, my doc made that whole "sh-peal" about my weight gain, but was surprised that my son measured exactly on track: 28 weeks.

It's usually around this time, or pretty soon, that my sugar levels start to act up (like the end of my last pregnancy). It's just how my body is when I'm pregnant I was told. Some women can eat all the junk they want and sit on their couch.....and their sugar levels are fine. Me? If I eat more than a half cup of rice with the most healthiest foods throughout the day plus exercise, my sugar still shoots threw the roof because of that rice. It sucks. But I mean, eating healthy is better for the baby and you right! I still cheat at times with oreos/milk or a cold peppermint double choc chip at Starbucks. But now its back to business, because October will soon be here! (Yay Fall Holidays!) Glad he'll be out before Thanksgiving!

If anyone has some yummy healthy combinations they know of, drop a line please! I get so bored with my food, that I have to try different things. AND I LOVE trying different things.


  1. I totally don't remember fasting for my glucose tests! lol - i have a horrible memory! I'm starting to get into the whole quinoa salad craze. you should try quinoa...it's so much fluffier than rice and you make it the same way pretty much. glad to see that baby is growing good! hope you have a smooth last trimester! i wish i was at the end already! lol

  2. OMG so I was just talking to my friend on the flight because she just had her 3rd baby about 2 months ago and she wanted to be back on the line flying again. She was telling me about her glucose test and how she fainted because she couldn't eat, she had major crampage, and then she ended up getting diabetes during pregnancy.

    WOOO!! I'm so glad I have you wonderful mommies to help me the day I ever get pregnant :)