12 August 2012

isnap week

Laying in bed, in front of a huge fan blasting on ONLY me, I realized my phone accumulated so many photos over this past week. I follow a blog, where a mom posts the happenings of her week just through iphone photos. Seeing as I need to clear my phone album {before it climbs back to 500+}, I thought to share the "isnapshots" of our week. I've jumbled them together, or else it would've been a looooong post.

The beginning of the week was kind of a blur. You could say I was still recovering from the Maori Festival Weekend, and so back to the office grind it was. The usual same ol' phone calls, clients, sales leads, etc. However, things were shaken up a bit when we made a trip to Alamoana and stopped by the Disney store. The only thing Mahie cared about were the display tunnels. Sorry Mickey. 
On the way home Starbucks made my dream come true, when they added peppermint to my iced double chocolate chip. {why didn't i think of this earlier?!} Does anyone remember Gloria Jeans? The coffee shop wayyy before Starbucks, used to be downstairs next to the center stage at Alamoana. Anyways, they used to make my favorite iced drink: Mint Chocolate Bomb! MmmMmm! It ALMOST tasted the same, almost! 
Lastly, I FINALLY started the first book of Scott Westerfeld's series: the Uglies. I bought the entire series when I got hooked onto Divergent, but hadn't found time to read. So far it's interesting, a very quick read & typical YA fiction.....and yes, my 28 weeks baby boy tumtum!

Both days felt like one, since they revolved around my pregnancy & limited my time at work. Third trimester is here, and I've felt sluggish, sleepy & sore! Laying in bed really didn't help, so James surprisingly dragged me out for a drive to Haleiwa for some Storto's. Letting some breeze hit my face was the cure! We had an extra swimsuit packed and so Mahie got a few dips in at the nearby beach with the hot hula girl gracing the wall. 
Thursday was the One-Hr glucose test {irritating}, followed by a checkup. I got scared at first when they couldn't find my son's heartbeat, but only because he's already positioned low. No wonder I pee more w/this pregnancy. AND my iron is low, that explains the day before. We stopped by the Koa Pancake House because I was starving, and then captured one of Mahie's longest and funniest tantrums ever. You can see her trying to explain her dramas to me (in baby talk), and whine, and then she tries to kiss up to me until I point out that her Dad is taking pictures of her being naughty, which ultimately pisses her off. And both James & I just laugh.

While I was at the office, James took Mahie to her 15month check-up where she got 4 shots! OUCH! When they picked me up for lunch, Mahie seemed proud to show me her "Owies" aka bandaids and her sticker from the nurse. She got an ice cream cone too. Poor babies & their million shots.
Saturday, Mom had a yard sale & Isaac and Kiana drove down from Kalihi. Kiana brought these yummy pregnancy snacks made of almond butter, oats, etc., they were good! It was such a hot day, so eventually we made a run to Stortos and a late stop at Hukilau. 
Another scorcher today! We each didn't mind taking a cold shower. Mahie actually had fun & didn't shiver. And where did our annual Sunday drive take us to? Well none other than Walgreens-Kaneohe! I love this store & can walk around forever just looking at everything. Maybe because it's a different setup than other typical Hawaii drugstores, but Mahie and I had some fun. Until she got cranky & we called it quits to head home. 

That was our isnap week. I'm really looking forward to Summer being over & the Fall holidays to arrive! Still considering if I should do maternity shots for this belly. Wish they had a sleeping pill for pregnant women not being able to knockout at night. Nighty-night!


  1. I remember Gloria Jeans in that exact spot. I used to always get my coffee from there...until I met JoMaia and he convinced me that coffee was of the devil! (lol...okay, maybe not so dramatically but let's just say I don't get my mochas and frapps like I used to anymore *sad face as I reminisce of my caffeinated days*)

  2. Ashlyn this is great! I get better moments on my phone because it's always with me. You are obviously still the funnest girl I know. I bet you are the funnest mom too! Lucky Mahie and future little one :)

  3. Love all the pics!! I need to start doing more weekly posts cuz my end of the month posts are just becoming too long! Haha!