30 August 2012

I found time...

......time to finally update the family happenings from our "Aspinall Grass Shack".

First things first: Today I make 31 Weeks!
The midwife said surprisingly our baby boy had dropped low a few weeks prior to my 3rd Trimester, which explains the more than usual bathroom breaks. I feel WAYYY huger than I am in the pic above. Some pictures are hit and miss, but yes I have a BIG tummy and I ain't gettin' smaller anytime soon! Nights have been ridiculous. I can't get comfortable & our sons moves so much and constantly kicks my ribs. I usually don't fall asleep until 1 or 2am. Plus, Mahie has been waking up lately through the night crying. Both James & I sleep in every morning until 8am.

We have been doing the usual, which is work & be with Mahie. On our VERY GOOD days we'll have family scripture reading, we really are trying. We do good with family dinner prayer, because Mahie will sit at the table and fold her arms to wait. She never forgets, lol, only us adults do because we're starving or so caught up with our day. We wonder if she thinks folding her arms means "I'm ready to eat/hungry", haha.

We realized that I could possibly give birth in 7 weeks! Since I was induced at 38 weeks with Mahie. Crazy. We haven't even bought anything for our son. There is ZERO boys anything in our house. I tried twice at both Ross and Target to pick up boys onesies, and instead left with a huge bag of clothes for Mahie. I'm just NOT in the mood or slightly interested to buy boys anything. Seriously. The ONLY thing that's been on my OBSESSIVE shopping mind to own this pregnancy is....
Why do they have to be so frackin' expensive. And why didn't I just invest in one from my 1st pregnancy. Anyways, I'm in love with their new line above. I've already researched where to look out for these beauties for cheap, but maybe James will give in & surprise me. Or just let me use his card to get it, hahaha. But no for real, I love that it comes with a built-in changing station. It looks small, but its pretty deep and big.

I'm so glad the weather has turned rainy & cloudy. Usually I'm irritated with wet weather, but being pregnant changes everything. I've actually welcomed cold showers through out the day. I'm getting really excited for Fall & the holidays. I'm thinking of making a pirate costume for Mahie. We're trying to teach her how to hook her pointer finger and say Arrrghh! Too bad I may not even enjoy that night with her because I'm due to be in labor that day!

James has gotten back into his gym routine every night after work. I try to go on walks every so often and do prenatal pilates when I can. It helps to lower my glucose levels. Lately however our eating habits have been way off the healthy charts. It's so easy to give in.

Well, Mahie is screaming for attention and trying to climb on my lap/pound on the keyboard, so we'll catch up again later.

Here's a clip of our little kolohe princess discovering the RECORD button on my iphone, she even moves the camera angle to be on her, lol.


  1. I can't WAIT for OCtober 31st :) :) how much is that bag btw?!