04 August 2012

Pukana Week

Holy busy-tired-pukana-poi-filled-justmade7months- weekend!
It was the 2012 Te Manahua Maori Competition. On Friday night the Polynesian Cultural Center hosted New Zealand's top female vocalists: (R-L above) Ria Hall & Maisey Rika. I honestly didn't know who they were, but glad that I had the chance to meet their upbeat personalities and hear their smooth golden voices. Seriously, they are very talented and you can tell how much they love to sing.
The night wouldn't have been as fun & hilarious if PiPi from KCCN FM 100 wasn't MC-ing. He was a show all on his own as soon as he showed up in the Green Room. He's a true local & definitely no shame at all. I think it's great when PCC or BYUH brings in acts internationally or even from the other side of the island, because it exposes our neighborhood to outside personalities & backgrounds that are VERY different than the usual Kahuku Red Raider/Mormon norm. Can you tell that my "7months" mark is blowing up my cheeks!
Here's JJ Rika, Maisey's cool little brother, who came along as her guitarist, helper, etc. He was really nice and reminded me/made me MISS my own little brother,  currently serving in the Philippines. One of the requests of our VIP Kiwi guests was to stream the rugby finals: Chiefs vs. Sharks. While his sis & Ria were out performing & signing for fans, he sat in the room explaining the game to me & the kitchen assistant. Very nice, but I was soo bored. Well, until he mentioned Sonny Bill Williams, or like the old Maori lady screamed, "HONEY" Bill Willams!!!

It was cool that when Maisey & Ria came in, they and their entourage started talking about the game in fluent Maori!

Today, on a bright and early sunny Saturday, was the last day of the festivities. It was pretty long for just a few groups that entered. Nonetheless, very entertaining to watch, especially when friends are performing.
Little Trey peeking over at me!
I'm reading to relax this Sunday, my lower right back has suddenly started bothering me!