02 November 2012

A family of 4

....finally finding some time for a quick blogging update. If you didn't know, our little Evan is a week old, arriving last Friday, October 26th at 6:36 p.m. I'll include a separate post about his birth story, which was TOTALLY different than when I had Mahie. WAYYY DIFFERENT!

Evan James Kaohiai Aspinall
8lbs, 4.5oz, 21inches

Recovery has been great! Which I totally did not expect and actually dreaded. I was ready to go home the following morning, but was advised to stay by the hospital staff. Good thing we did because later that night came the tsunami warning, and we didn't have to evacuate Castle Hospital. I am so thankful for Heavenly Father watching over and inspiring us to do things because we had decided last minute to just have Mahie sleepover with us. Our little family was safe & together.....and relaxing in a.c. w/food. I'm also glad my parents and siblings were also safe.

We got home Sunday Afternoon. James and I couldn't believe we had TWO car seats in the back. Crazy. Then before we knew it Halloween was here! So glad I finished Mahie's pirate costume before I gave birth. She knew something out of the ordinary was going down that night and got very excited, it was cute. As soon as my Mom got home from work, Mahie followed her around to help set up outside for the trick-o-treaters. I'm surprised she cooperated with me that evening. Usually she is a grump around the evenings, but she woke up calmly from a nap and had a bath....and calmly stood there while I dressed her in her costume. When we were done, it looked like she was very proud of her pirate transformation and would run to my parents or anyone to show them her costume. Now that Evan is here, Mahie looks more like a little girl.
When she first got outside, she put her bucket down and started dancing to my Mom's Halloween music. It was hilarious and cute.

Eating her Grandma's candy while waiting to leave. Surprised she kept that patch on the entire night.

All I have are iphone photo's! She stayed out all night helping her Grandparents and just feeding off the excitement of seeing all the kids come. Evan and I stayed inside, I was kinda bummed that I didn't get to pass out candy, or to tag along as my Dad took Mahie trick-or-treating. But she had her night of fun & sweets, so thats all that matters. 

Every parent of a newborn should get a gold star after the first week. hahaha, I honestly hate the around the clock feeding schedule, but it's all for a sweet little baby! I have learned and re-learned a lot of things this week. How delicate a newborn is, breastfeeding, skin to skin contact, non-stop diaper changing, sleep when bab(ies) sleep, and especially being grateful for a supportive and loving husband who is a HUGE help!

I have also learned a lot from Mahie....that I constantly need to remind myself that she is still a baby too, and I need to be patient with her. That she needs just as much attention and cuddles. It sucks being on a 6-week postnatal recovery where you can't do any workouts or heavy lifting....especially when you put your newborn down to sleep in their crib and turn around to see your toddler holding out her arms, waiting for her turn to be picked up and rocked to sleep....it breaks my heart so I have to ask someone to place her in my arms when I sit, or help her climb up on the bed next to me. The doctor strongly warned me not to lift her after I clotted really bad at the hospital. Having another baby has made me love and appreciate Mahie even more.

I'm not going to lie, having two is tough so far. Hats off to my friends who have 2+ kids, and some who have to raise them on their own. James was gone majority of the day and usually someone in my family is also home....but today it was just me and the babies, and I struggled. Limited sleep, constant feedings, still trying to get nursing down, Mahie demanding attention....it was a lot, but somehow James came home and found all three of us napping. 

Anyways, this turned into a looooong post, but that's how things are! Oh & just in....Mahie just busted her lower lip from running around the house, again! The other day she fell off the bed from jumping. Accident prone!

Goodnight from the Zombie Aspinalls

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  1. I can tooootally relate to what u just wrote. I remember distinctly what my first day home with both kids and no husband (or family) there to help me was like. I will never forget it, thats for sure. It was super overwhelming. But just know that it gets easier. Eventually. Lol! Congrats again! He's so sweet!