30 November 2012

1 Month Baby Boy

Our little boy has made it past his 1 MONTH mark! It still feels like I JUST popped him out the other day. Maybe because I still look pregnant and I'm still struggling with 3am & 5am feedings....but also he's still so fragile, I can't wait until he rollie-pollie's up. Speaking of which, he EATS NONSTOP!

His last check up was on November 14th, in which he weighed in at 9lbs, 4oz. I'm pretty sure he has gained something since. This time around, I am almost exclusively breastfeeding..."almost" because sometimes when we're away from home, he'll get EXTRA hungry and we give him a Similac ready-to-feed bottle in addition to nursing him. Yes he's an eater! At home though, he has an endless access to Mom's refrigerator supply :)

I've gotten passed the "soreness" part, and enjoy breastfeeding, even though it is VERY tiring at times. I'm glad that I'm surrounded by friends who are great examples of mothers and who let me ask them a billion questions about breastfeeding tips. And now that I am comfortable with myself, I have no problem when Evan gets hungry out in public. It's funny how everyone will stare at you when your hungry baby is screaming his head off, but as soon as you put your nursing cover/blanket on, the ENTIRE mall avoids you. Haha. I try my best to be as discreet and conscious of those around me, but whatever. I guess only in America do people feel uncomfortable while everywhere else it is naturally accepted as normal. (I felt the same way before becoming a mom)

Slowly James and I are getting our sleep back. We take turns and even Mahie helps out by finding the nearest blanket and covering Evan. We have to keep any eye on that girl, because although she thinks she is helping by kissing, patting or hugging Evan when he cries....she's pretty rough. Cute, but rough! I've caught her a few times sticking her hands in the crib to calm Evan down by patting his arm, but when he doesn't stop crying, she'll get mad and pinch him!

Evan is still pretty fair. Compared to everyone on my side of the family, he is white. Compared to James' family, he could be close to Sharon haha. Maybe it's the German side. Or maybe he's just holding off until his first beach day. His smile is slowly coming through. He doesn't like to be left in his crib, but to be held while walking. He enjoys movement, which will put him to sleep in a second. Maybe it's because I walked a lot while pregnant. He loves car rides too.

And his name?

Evan: We just agreed on it, haha, for reals.

James: I originally was thinking of a Hawaiian middle name after I gave birth, but instead I wanted to name him after James, just incase we only have one boy. Plus, it sounds good too, haha. And no, you CAN'T call him Junior!

Kaohi'ai: "The searcher for food, the provider, will never go without sustenance" A family name given to all the boys, as a tradition passed down through my Grandma Ashlyn's side, her father and my Great-Granfather's Ka'onohi line. All of my brother's carry it, my boy cousins (the Casey's in Punalu'u for example), my Dad and my uncles, my Great-Grandpa and so on. Now my son will be tied to all that history, and like all the patriarchs before him, will provide for his own family.

We love you baby Evan =]


  1. So cool about Evan's name! I wish that we had cool family names like that in our line!

  2. Good job mama! Maybe it's just because I'm a girl, but I've never felt awkward around people who breastfed in public. Anytime Anu would cry, I would just POP that susu out and shut her up! Then Malos got all cray cray about people seeing my su dogs... so now I have to SUUUUMMMWHERE else, to fed. Irrits!

    My Uncle always tell me this story of when he was on his mission. He had just arrived at they were out preaching in a park. He goes put to this women and starts sharing the Gospel with her. 2 minutes later, her son comes running up to her, pulls her shirt up, and starts feeding! He totally lost his train of thought, apologized, and walked away. Too funny. No lie though, I would probably do the same thing. When your baby can walk in and out of the kitchen like that, that's how you know, it's time to give it up.

    But keep up the good work, and stop worrying about the baby phat. Keep breastfeeding and that will go down. NO EXERCISE NEED, promise!

  3. Love the name and good on you for milking it, literally! I know, it's so dumb that America gets all nuts about it but in other countries, it is normal. Evan is such a cutie!!

  4. Ashlyn, he is so darling!! I can't believe that I still haven't had a chance to meet him yet. I'm glad to hear that everything is going well. I miss you lots. Please kiss Mahie and Evan for me! So cute!!!!