02 October 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Grandpa Dear!

We spent the day in Kaneohe celebrating my Grandpa B's (Bernard Kaahanui) 78th Birthday with family pictures and lunch at a Chinese Restaurant. My Grandpa is a true Hawaiian/Chinese, he loves his pake food!
 It was nice spending time with the Kaahanui's just under my Grandpa's Branch of the Kaahanui Tree, which spreads all over O'ahu, Maui & Moloka'i.

Pictured Above:
Aunties: Ululani (Kaneohe) & Kahea (Kapolei)
Uncles: Kerwyn (Kona), Keith (Ewa), Grandpa B (Kapolei), Kevin (Chicago) & Kent (My Dad)

These were just pictures from our phones, can't wait for the real shots. 
The Cuzzy poses were funny, although we were missing Cy Boy (Mission) & Eric had to work.
My siblings and I are the younger cousins & it was so nice laughing with cousins we hadnt seen in forever and playing with their babies. 
It was blinking hot!!

Everyone loved that James was in all the family pictures too! 
Funny how me & him had to take our OWN individual family shot :)
I love my Grandpa soo much. I can't believe how old and fragile he has gotten.
He is beginning to look like all my Great Grandpa & Grandma Kaahanui's.
I told him & Heavenly Father that he isn't going anywhere before May 7th :)
He truly has the aloha spirit, always talking story & making friends with complete strangers.
Grandpa has never missed sending me a birthday card, I even get one on my sibling's birthday lol
Love you Grandpa B!!!

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  1. Omg I actually got teary reading your last paragraph. I miss my grandparents (well just my grandpa lol). Kupuna always make me smile and your brother looks like he;s getting some serious advice from grandpa hehe