28 October 2010

13 Weeks & Counting

So after 6 slices of my large half cheese/pepperoni New Yorker pizza
Me & baby are satisfied enough to blog & procrastinate Midterm study notes
the pregnancy update so far?

For the past 3 weeks I've had morning sickness off & on
Most of the time I brought the nausea on myself, for instance:
Up until now I was practically a zombie, all I wanted to do was sleep
As the weeks progressed on, I would forget to take naps
in between classes & before work
THUS i'd end up feeling EXTREMELY tired/worn out,
which lead to headaches/dizziness,
which made me uncontrollably nauseous,
finally leading me to the nearest TOILET!!!
I have class every morning @ 7:30a.m.,
so I always try to get some shut eye here & there,
oh my gosh, I even crashed sitting under a coconut tree waiting for my next class.

the smell of...
1. dirty dishes & the sink drain 
(James had to do the dishes up until this week)
2. our CURRY neighbors next door & all their CURRY-ness
3. raw hamburger (just figured this one out Tues.)
4. and...morning breath! jk :)

1. sliced green apples, yes I can't just bite into an apple, weird
2. Fanta Orange Soda
3. Palusami
4. Taro with coconut milk
5. Hot Cocoa or Milo w/tons of sugar
6.....sometimes whatever i see you eating, i want to taste it too :)

"Ok, but how is James doing?"
Fine! he is married to ME!! :)
He's been absolutely the best husband ever,
extremely patient and very supportive.
I think he scolds me at least everyday 
because I forget that I can't/shouldn't do certain things:

Early Monday morning he woke up to me carrying two stuffed baskets of laundry.
(Scoldings!!! Yah I guess it was pretty heavy
So then he woke up 5minutes later to me trying to drag everything stacked up on eachother.
(Double Scoldings!!! & I got sent to the Laundromat with only our kamake's to wash)

At work a huge group of tourists wanted their picture taken
so instead of asking another photographer to climb the little wall
in order to fit everyone in, I DID (I didn't mind)
I got such a perfect shot that I smiled & JUMPED off the wall
Yup, I got it after the tourists left from my caring Hubby!!

Oh my husband is the bomb! 
He cooks for me, drives to look for palusami for me,
rubs my feet, massages my back
waits right next to me when i'm hunched over the toilet
gets me crackers in the middle of the night
helps me learn my samoan hw
literally walks me to bed & makes me sleep before it gets late
& lets me fall asleep hogging the majority of the bed space & pillows :)

he truly makes me feel like a queen.
glad the sickness is going away.
sorry no belly shots for now =]

"Goodnight, sleep tight, young lovers"
haha, inside anime joke between me & james


  1. ooo ash this is so cute, I love the fact that you a pregnant, what a good husband you have, I should get pregnant too so my husband can do all those things for me too because he has too....Love this post, and I'm super excited for you:)

  2. Thank you James...my daughter is very blessed to have you her life. Much Love, Mom & Dad Kaahanui

  3. you make me want to be pregnant again!! lol......except not! bwahahaha! James is such a great husband! i got mean morning sickness with Mosiah. One night we were getting ready to eat out with my family and JoMaia was in the bathroom and sprayed his axe then walked out. I walked in immediately afterward and at the first smell i was hunched over the toilet non-stop for a minute! it was pretty disgusting. from then on, my husband was not allowed any cologne and we switched to ivory soap as well! glad to know you're doing a little better!

  4. LOL @ getting scolded! too kolohe you ;) and after reading what makes your mouth water, i am pretty hunger now myself. points to the hubby!

  5. aawww..enjoy all the foot rubs and homecooked meals Ash..you deserve it..and thumbs up to cuz for doing a marvelous job..
    and lol @ the scoldings..I got that all the time..and with this 2nd time around..I learnt my lesson and fully taking advantage of it too..lol

  6. too cute!!! live up the preggo days as much as you can!!! FOREO!!! you deserve it! u wanna know whats the best? traveling preggos. everyone tries to help you, they get out of your way and they even let you skip them if you get up to go bathroom on the flight. i thought that was pretty crazy!!!