22 March 2011

Kung Fu Crunch Time

I can't believe I pulled off another PROCRASTINATED paper. I don't know why I do this to myself every time. I find myself more distracted by Facebook or online shopping during research paper Crunch Time! I finally submitted it at 11:44pm, it was due before 12 midnight, phew! Poor James, had to chase him out of the bedroom twice so I could concentrate, but he knows I love him & was stressing so he came back a third trip with a vanilla ice cream cone.

The Aspinall Home has been blessed with the joys of little Asher and Richard (of course Rose too!). We had a relaxing Sunday attending church together, having a late lunch, some yummy dessert and lounging around watching Ip Man and The Labyrinth.

Here's Asher boy showing us his kung fu strength:

Yes, his Uncle James was definitely encouraging his Kung Fu excitment....

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