15 March 2011

Farmer James

So James quit school and decided to become a Farmer full-time. This is why you haven't seen him around campus for a while.
It's just one of our funny moments captured during our walks

And here I am, ready to give birth:
Of course, fooling around at our baby appointment.
I'm glad Castle has a clinic here in Kahuku so that we don't have to drive out to Kailua every month, and now every two weeks. It's kind of ghetto since it isn't their actual owned space, but its beyond convenient so we aren't complaining. Plus it's not like I'll be giving birth there. 
Found out we're having a BIG healthy baby, very active heartbeat :)
It was exciting to fill out our hospital forms, so we don't have to worry about it later when I check in for labor. 

Dinner was YUMMY!
I made baked tomato chicken, courtesy of KraftRecipes, although I tweaked the entire recipe to my own liking. 
James & Rose said they loved it :)
Also Richard & Asher will be here from Washington, I hear wedding bells!
Now the VERY-opinionated Aspinall Brothers can have a cook-off for Rose, Asher & I.
Leaving Laie @ 6:30a.m. tomorrow for Honolulu...
Good night, keep Japan in your prayers

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