22 March 2011

Healthy Me, Healthy Little You

I am OVERJOYED, HAPPY, RELIEVED, THANKFUL...James & I returned from a baby checkup just a few hours ago and were given the wonderful update that our little girl is HEALTHY: the right size, right heartbeat, and energetic activity.....

This may seem like a normal update, but over the past few weeks I had been in & out of the hospital, numerous doctor's appointments, various yucky blood tests, ultrasound tests, diet tests, prescriptions...and I've been very committed in doing ALL/EVERY thing that the doctors have said to do (which at times were hard, stressful & emotional) and today's appointment seemed like a little pat on the back. A "Good Job" and "Thank you" from my body, and of course a reminder that morning, personal & evening prayers are answered.

I'm healthy, She's healthy, Daddy's happy :)

Her active heartbeat:


  1. Awww I miss drs appts every week to hear my sons heartbeats<3 I still have a recording on my phone of their heart beats, my last appt before I got induced. Isn't it the greatest feeling:) hope your ready momma it's going to come faster then you think:) hehe.

  2. i know what u mean!!! that is always such a relief!!! almost there!!!