10 March 2011

March ALMOST Madness

So I am very proud of the few little additions Ive made to our home. I felt our hale needed to be revamped in little ways, so thank you Kapolei for providing ALL the necessary shops to make this happiness come true. Seriously Kapolei is expanding so quickly and almost looks like the mainland in some aspects. Plus it's never crowded over, but you get your 'mokes' that make their way out of the boonies of Nanakuli and Waianae side...I'll just leave it at that because I'm cracking up and am coming off as a snob LOL. So anywho-ser, I love my new bathroom decor, bedding, kitchen accents and bedroom accents. Our home is FRESH, haha...

On Sunday James & I ordered take out from Cheesecake Factory since we needed to head to the airport later on. From now on, I will always just order take out from there, because they make it in like 15minutes & you can then enjoy your dishes on some of the gorgeous couches around the Royal Hawaiian or Waikiki. It was a fun evening with James, we tried acting like tourists. We gobbled everything up in like a minute, saved my red velvet cheesecake for later and zoomed off to Delta Airlines.

Rose arrived from Aussie Aussie Aussie & she was more than happy to be back in the states :)
Rose is getting married to James older brother Richard, the first week of April. Woohoo, definitely an exciting countdown, which is going by quickly! I love her dress, so elegant, lace everywhere!!! She came back from a hair consultation & I grabbed my veil so we could play around with some looks, so fun.

March will be bringing more of our Aspinall family members back to Laie for another round of wedding celebrations. Hence, I wanna get as much of my house cleaned/organized for them & any baby stuff before the crazy wave of Finals, last days of Work, Family members hits & I'm stuck stressing to do things last minute.

p.s......speaking of waves hitting....the news going around is that Hawaii is under Tsunami Watch due to 'an 8.8 earthquake off the coast of Japan', I'm just waiting for my Daddy to tell us what to do haha, love living so near the parents.

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