08 March 2011

Hospital Bag

As the semester, work and my pregnancy draws closer to the end, James and I have been setting things aside for our hospital bag. As you know, you're not only packing for yourself, but for baby and of course your darling husband too....
Any Suggestions?

p.s. the newest excitement at this stage: "baby hiccups"


  1. I say clothes for your self...& UNDIES! Also your own pads, theres are HUGE & uncomfy. Haha. I don't care for the hospital ones nor the gowns. It's nice to be comfy in a dress or something loose you cruise around in at home. Also clothes for baby too so you can have cute pics:) haha. Hope this helps, if I think of anything else I'll lyk:)

    Oh & of course all electronics to update the FB world with your daughters beautiful self:)

  2. I agree with Camille. I would also include your own pillows and blankets. (Not for you but for your hubby whose gonna have to sleep on the uncomfortable bed, couch, or floor. lol) In our case, we didn't think about that...and both my mom and Linc slept in the room w me! oka. haha Although my room was big, (Linc slept on the fold a bed couch and they brought another bed in for my mom) they were freezing/uncomfortable cuz only had sheets/flat hospital pillows. LOL.

    Oh and also snacks! Esp. because once you guys go in, your most likely not gonna leave until its to go home with baby! But i remember being SO hungry right before I got my epidural and they told me if i wanted to eat something, eat it now....but ya....HAD something to eat! lol Unless you're fine with what the hospital has to offer then you're good to go! haha :)

  3. Definitely bring your own shampoo, conditioner, soap, face wash, etc. Being the procrastinator I am, I didn't pack a bag because I figured I had enough time...but I didn't. And I had to use the hospital complimentary stuff but it made me smell like the hospital:-( I agree with everything everyone above has suggested too! I hated staying in the hospital gowns my whole stay, so bring a change of clothes or two...preferably t-shirt and sweats. It'll still be easier to nurse, but at least you'll be way more comfortable and still a bit presentable when you have visitors. For the guys, if you have a laptop computer or other electronic device, that may come in handy. Oh and quarters for the vending machines:-)

  4. Ur own soap n shampoos are a must. N definitely your own pillows (and lots of it) coz you will really need it to be comfy and theirs are usually flat or hard. Bring a boppy to help with breast feeding also, if you have one. Bring a change of clothes but make sure it something that isnt tight or something that digs into your tummy like pants (just in case you have to get a c-section, then you wont have to worry about your clothes rubbing on the stitches.

    Bring a change of clothes and underwear for James too (just incase) if you have a normal delivery youll be in there for 3 days but longer if you get a c-section so just be mindful of that. Bring PLENTY of snacks! specially during the labor. U wont be able to eat but James can and you will need him to have all the energy as he can get coz you will be feeding off his support when you need it.

    Good Luck! Wish I was there to talk story!