18 May 2011

3rd Week Parents

It's the start of our third week as parents, and our days have been filled with feedings, naps, diaper changes, snuggling and asking each other a million of questions about any noise or movement baby Mahie does :) 
She is a very funny little girl. She LOVES to eat and has already gained a pound, haha. Our Tahitian neighbors also gave birth the same weekend as us, but Mahie already looks about a month ahead in comparison to their little one. We think it's probably because she has so much hair already. She is also very strong, quite the kicker with her arms flying everywhere. Her tiny hands are already clasping all over us when we hold her. We can tell she gets fed up with her inability to actually move, but she'll try anyways and does a great job in wiggling around. Sometimes we'll ask her, "Hey where are you off to little girl?"
Although I know she loves me more when it comes to feeding, I can already tell she is a Daddy's Girl:
She'll fall straight to sleep cuddling next to him in bed
She lays/sits so content in his arms and won't fuss
She'll calm down when he talks/sings to her
She didn't go to sleep til 4am this morning and her Daddy carried her the entire time
lastly, he is the best diaper changer ever!

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