27 May 2011

sweet little spirit

Our sweet sweet Mahie has fed herself to 10 pounds, at a time (according to our Doctor) when newborns are usually losing weight & then making their way back to their birth weight. NOT OUR HEARTY EATER! She is literally suckin mama DRY, haha. Seriously, "BOTH sides" plus a bottle waiting on the side. We're glad she doesn't have a preference between breastfeeding or formula, she'll down them both, which makes us not have to worry about bottle feeding when it comes time to go back to work & school. I hear some babies just won't take bottles.
It's so funny that whenever we seem to take random pictures of her, she's always wearing this blue outfit. (Yes we have a whole bunch of OTHER clothes for her haha) I call her my little blueberry. I love holding her face close to mine, and breathing in that newborn baby scent. Plus her chubby cheeks are sooo hard to resist kisses. Her hair gets so curly after a bath. She loves it when her Grandma Telaya comes over and bathes her, she really enjoys the warm water and pampering.
Back at her 1st Doctor's appointment...she was so content until they stripped her down & she basically froze from the a.c., poor thing. She's got some very strong kicks & I THINK she may have been trying to knock our Dr. Shlachter with her powerful legs, haha. He gave her a tiny volleyball as a gift! (Future volleyball player, hmm?)
Here are my brothers Eric, Isaac and Ike's girlfriend Kiana. They love stopping by to see her & get frustrated that she sleeps a lot. Hmmm...maybe they should be here when she screams to be fed at 2 a.m. and then wants to be held until 4 a.m! Just sayin....haha
My Mom & sister being silly, playing with Mahie's balloons...haha, look at my Dad's face in the back, totally not feeling their sense of humor.
We love you Mahie, you make us very, VERY tired...but we love you nonetheless. Tomorrow you'll be 4 Weeks old! Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing us with such a sweet little spirit.

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