08 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I thought maybe that all the emotional hormones would stop as soon as Mahie popped out, but was i WRONG! Im so glad that James is patient and makes me happy/smile as soon as he senses a frown approaching. ALSO, how amazing he is for whispering Happy FIRST Mother's Day around 6a.m. as he calmed baby down for me to feed her. Since we both are struggling with the AROUND THE CLOCK newborn feeding schedule, my very first Mother's Day was nap, eat, nap, drink tons of water, nap, feed Mahie & more feedings. I give Mother's so much credit. It's totally different once you become a parent.

James and I often think about our own Mothers who also started their little families here in TVA, except they had more kids by our age & limited funds. We are just AMAZED! Such wonderful examples we hope to learn from to teach our children. Hardworking, Faithful, Loving, & the BEST Chefs in the world!


Telaya Marie Yazzie Kaahanui 
Failuga Stevenson Aspinall

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