07 May 2011

MAY 7th

Māhie Kauipuaonalani Fonofili Aspinall
Born April 30th at 10:50 a.m.
8lbs, 11oz, 21inches
It's funny how I just so happened to post her arrival (finally!) today, which WAS her actual due date. However, both James and I are very happy we've had her with us in our arms for a week! Crazy!
 We haven't had anything else on our minds these past few days other than her. It's definitely a new reality now, and we honestly give anyone who's a mother HUGE CREDIT! Especially first time parents. You go from one day being "You & I" to all about "Her". And I think we slowly are getting the hang of things.

Due to some pregnancy complications, our Doctor and Specialists at Castle Hospital advised us to be induced. We were at our 39 Week appointment, so baby was already fully developed, plus the weekend was approaching so we thought "why not?" All that excitement was cut short when our Doctor BEGAN to make me dilate, blah I hated it, but it got me to 4cm. That was about 10a.m. However, the Birth Center was already full of deliveries that Friday, so we were told to 'hang out' nearby until a room opened up. (I thought, hello you should've checked BEFORE dilating me) Well after being traumatized for those couple of minutes, I wanted to be as far away from the hospital.
James and I watched Fast Five at Windward Mall. They still hadn't called after, so we hung out with my brother Isaac outside of his shop Sindication. STILL no call, so we ate. We did some walk laps around the mall, thinking it would help me dilate more. We both were very tired. Then around 5pm, the Hospital finally called and said for us to check in at 7:30pm. I was so grumpy (LOL) because I couldve been at home sleeping. Anyways we knew it wouldve been a waste to drive back to Laie, so we walked around some more, grabbed James some snacks, met up with my parents at Boarders, and then decided to sleep the last hour in the Hospital parking lot. James knocked out quickly, and although I was dead tired, the nerves started to kick in so I walked around the parking lot haha. 
My last tummy shot.
As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by the night staff and nurses. They made us feel VERY welcomed and even special. Our room was huge, almost like a hotel, almost.
I've never had so many needles stuck in me and blood withdrawn. Since I was considered a 'high risk' pregnancy, the nurses and doctors had to constantly monitor and run tests on me throughout the night. Honestly, I was miserable, especially since they had to keep increasing the 'PIT' to bring on my contractions. Although they hurt like a YOU KNOW WHAT, my nurses and Doctor were surprised I was handling them so well with out painkillers this far along. I said they just reminded me of ma'i cramps, but then I realized that I had experienced extreme cramps through out high school, so maybe this was why I was able to endure.
My Family stopped by. At first they waited in the lobby, then moved to sleeping in their cars, then slowly some of them went back to Laie, LOL.
Poor James, just as tired as I was. As soon as he would drift off, I'd wake him up to comfort me during a contraction. Well then before you knew it, the room was filled with nurses, our doctor, and equipment and bright lights. James on one side, my Mom on the other....and the most natural sudden urge to PUSH. Nothing can explain the feeling of labor. I knew I must have been experiencing the worst pain of the labor process, but I felt nothing painful. Especially with the encouragement from James. I felt very strong and even relief with each push, and finally she was here!
The first thing I heard was, "look at her hair!" 

Her first name is the Hawaiian word for: delightful, pleasant
Māhie, your daddy and I are trying our best to take care of you, although we are 100% zombies now. You have definitely closed the Newlywed Chapter in our life, and welcomed a whole new page of
the blessings, struggles, love and faith that we as Parents will experience.
It's your first time being a baby, and our first time being a Mommy & Daddy, so let's work together.

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  1. Beautiful birth story! She's such a cutie!!! I like what you said about not feeling any pain when it was time to push. That's how I felt too! And it's so cute that all your family came to be with you, and then slept in their cars and then drifted back home. AND Mahie is such a beautiful name!