31 May 2011

Nani Venuse

This song is very dear to me.
It's so romantic, especially once you understand the poetry of it all.
My father sang it to my Mother when he proposed to her.
I wish I had been able to dance it for my husband at our reception, however,
I will always enjoy listening to this mele, whether by the Kahauanu Lake Trio or below by Na Palapalai
One day I'll teach Mahie...(and her sisters)...this song, along with other hula that are special to me!
Enjoy <3

You are beautiful, O Venus
Resting proudly on high
A gleaming light above
Before the face of the clouds

An expectant thought comes
Causing a stir within
When you told me
That my loved one approaches

Companion with whom I hold hands
On bright moonlight nights
Where waves gently wash ashore
To whisper softly to the sands

Together with love, always
In the rains and the winds
Bound securely together
With deep affection in the heart

This ends my song
Of the beauty of Venus
Gleaming high above
Before the face of the clouds

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