05 May 2012

Baby Luau

Chantilly cake, yum!
Today was Mahie's 1st Birthday Baby Luau. 
Months & weeks of creativity, planning & budgeting was put into her birthday, so that everyone could enjoy the celebration. We hope everyone did. We had it at the back Laie North Stake chapel, next to the temple. 
*Mahalo to the Logan Ohana for the yummy local buffet menu. It was so yummy & fulfilling, I was starving and looking forward to eating. And I love that we have leftovers too!

We put in a lot of thought in entertaining our guests, especially the kiddies. Because if the kids are having a good time, the parents will be too. We hand candy everywhere, balloons everywhere, a cotton candy machine, shave ice machine and a jumper. Good thing the rental company brought their own people so we didn't have to run anything. Sharay Brown painted all the kiddie's AND adults faces and did glitter tattoos. She was awesome and a lot of people inquired about her. We covered the tables in white butcher paper, and provided crayons in baby food jars for the kids to color. I'm surprised at how crazy both the kids AND adults got with their artistic skills. We got all kinds of drawings and happy birthday notes, lol. Costco had a sales on bubble machines "hurricane million bubbles"....and it really did shoot out a million bubbles a second. It was a hit because the kids went nuts. 

My Mom and I handmade all the centerpieces and hula girl inspired goodie bags. They came out so cute and it feels good when your guests and aunties applaud your work, lol. My brother Isaac also brought pineapple so we added it to the decor & then gave it away to friends after. Another thing everyone enjoyed, was that my Dad made a genealogy pedigree chart, showing three cultural family branches that extended from Mahie: 1) Hawaiian/German, 2) Navajo, 3) Samoan, with accompanying pictures of grand, great grand & great great grand parents. A lot of these pictures were taken while still setting up.

We're so glad to blessed with wonderful friends and family members. A lot of my Ka'ahanui Ohana came, which is rare since they have to drive out from Kapolei, Ewa and on. They were so fun, as they usually are, and truly set the tone for the party when my Aunt and cousins kept requesting the electric slide. No shame those ladies, everyone cracked up and enjoyed watching them.

We're very grateful for my parents and siblings for being very cooperative and helpful in planning and making the party a success. And for being the mc's and pinata rope holders cause James and I were too shame, lol.  

It was a busy week, day...a lot of work, but it sure paid off with a lot of fun. Thank you everyone who came and those who helped us clean up afterwards. That chapel was spotless in like 10minutes. 

We love you Mahie, Happy Birthday sleepyhead. 


  1. What a really well planned and super cute party! Happy birthday!

  2. Such a creative and cute birthday for your adorable little one :)