08 May 2012

Operation No Bottle/Formula

Today was Mahie's 1 year old re-registration at WIC. And the topic that came up was "Out with the formula and in the with whole milk". Which shouldn't be too difficult, seeing as we've already been feeding Mahie all sorts of food and drink. So the month of May has officially been declared *Operation: No Bottle, No Formula.

We know the formula won't be too hard, she already shows an interest in our regular 2% milk, but we've turned to whole milk as suggested by WIC. The bottle on the other hand, will be hard. We've already started limiting her bottle use down to two specific times. In the morning, because James and I are both too lazy and dead tired to do anything but fix a quick easy bottle and she's satisfied. And at night, because it helps her to calm down and get ready for bed. In fact, she'll reach out and point at a bottle and will cry if she doesn't get one before bed. I know night time will be the harder of the two.

She's good drinking with a straw or directly out of her plastic baby cups throughout the day.....so hmm, a new challenge/milestone to reach for with this little girl.

Here's a picture from yesterday. She got 3 shots and blood drawn. She was really fussy afterwards, so James brought her to pick me up at work....and where Larie surprised her with a birthday present from Manuhealii. (Thank you Aunty Larie!!!) We treated our brave girl with her very own McDonald's ice cream cone. (With help from us to catch those drips)
Tomorrow we hope to take a dip in the ocean, the weather has been hot and sunny. I love clear sparkly ocean water......and then it'll be a long night at work with the Fire Knife Competition beginning.

*FYI any tips for the bottle battle?? :) lmk

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