28 May 2012

Memorial Day

The weather today was actually very disappointing, in all my years of Memorial Days. The cloudy skies, heavy winds and random showers kept me in the house half of the day cleaning & just wishing I was outside. Eventually I got James off his butt, as Mahie was going crazy bothering everyone wanting to nap....and so off to Hukilau we went. Of course it was PACKED as usual, I still was hesitant about the wind, but the sun seemed promising. The reasons why I hate going to the beach when its windy, (this coming from a forever Laie beach bum since a kid) 1. the top loose sand whips at your legs, face, everything if you're not in the water 2. BLUE BUBBLES duh! 3. random gross debris 4. BLUE BUBBLES! lol. Anyways, we had a little fun before Mahie started to shiver & James had to head back for work. Got to see Annie & the Kahawaii Fambam, along with Shayde & Aunty Sherry them.
James & his cousin Audrey
We got back to the house and Mahie didn't show any signs of going down for a nap just yet. So my parents set up a pool for her, and up and down the yard chasing Cooper (family midget dog) and into the pool she went. The yard tent went up, the bbq, the table & yard chairs.....it was nice lounging and watching my parents take turns bbq-ing. My brothers came down from Kalihi, Kiana sadly had to work. The food and leftovers were yummy. The smore's later were even YUMMIER!
Before we blessed the food and ate, my Dad recognized all of our family members who served in the military. It's always nice being with family. And that's how everything went down today.

Congratulations to my sister-in-law Sharon and her husband Shaun, who was in labor throughout the night and gave birth to a chubby healthy baby girl, Sophia Failuga Martin. That makes 9 cousins altogether on the Aspinall side: Reagan, Deahn, Talia, Asher, Andrus, Cael, Mahie, Wilhelm & Sophia. Such a beautiful name.

Thursday we find out what we're having? To find out or not.....OR to find out AND NOT TELL? haha

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