15 May 2012

Week On Fire

last week was ON FIRE, literally. PCC threw its annual World Fire knife Competition, and our marketing department was in charge of covering, shooting, facebooking, tweeting EVERYTHING Media. There was live coverage for the first time, so people around the world could watch, so that was cool. I was assigned to "TWEET", which was VERY new to me. I don't even own a Twitter account. What's the proper way to tweet professionally? Basically, to be as corny as possible. I was laughing at the tweets I was publishing, "Contestant #2 is on fire tonight!" lol, get it?
2012 Winner from Tahiti, aka "Larie's crush" :)
Larie tweeting on her ipad
It was a long week, turned weekend, and as exciting as sticks on fire can be, especially when not only 3 but FOUR are linked together......I was HAPPY to see the competition come to its end. By the way, Larie and I cheered for the contestant from Papeete, Tahiti & he WON!

I got a little break in between the festival to help out with PCC's Mother's Day Dinner and Concert. THAT was fun, especially since the majority of guests were Samoan and old people. But no matter that they were all over 40, those old grandma's and grandpa's were getting down. No shame, and they kept telling me to take tons of photos of them, haha. The couple below was my favorite of the night. They were the only ones dancing where he led and she followed, you know OLD OLD school, lol. Too old that I don't even know what to call that style, hahaha. It was beautiful and very classy. You could tell they were in love. So I told Uncle Steve Laulu, who was the mc, to give them a prize lol, and he did.
go to PCC's facebook page for more photos
And before I got a good night's rest, I was back clocking in for the high school We Are Samoa Festival the following morning. I felt like I was back in Samoa....because it was a HOT day, there were crafts vendor booths everywhere, samoan's everywhere, puletasi's everywhere....it was cool listening to the tulafale's that spoke, because I was like, hey I remember learning about those words or metaphors in my language class.

Yes, it was a long, long week. Especially since baby#2's sickness returned, in the morning AND while I was at work. My insides fertilized the back of Hale Aloha many of times that week, at least I lost a few pounds. And I developed some kind of sickness that no one knows what it could be. It first started off as the heartburn from hell, then I showed signs of gallbladder infection/gallstones, and then I couldn't keep anything down but bread, and then my chest tightened up and I couldn't breath....and now all of that is gone and I'm stuck with a bad cough, where you cough non stop and nothing comes out. My whole body feels normal, its just this annoying cough. Dr. Shlacter gave me an inhaler, which I've never had before, but I'm pretty sure he didn't even know whats wrong with me because the dumb inhaler is doing nothing. So hopefully whatever I have leaves, and leaves soon.

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  1. i love reading your blog. its been a while. congrats on graduating, congrats on baby #2, congrats on ur job, congrats on moving out...you hit it sis!!

    p.s. put a cockroach in the bottle, its sure to work like a charm! haha!