02 September 2012

little pumpkin spotlight

Today happened quickly. I woke up around 6am to PAIN! My whole stomach was in pain. I tried everything to alleviate the sudden alert to my morning Sunday bliss....toss, turn, stretch, use the bathroom, drink some water, walk around....it started to go away with some water, but still it was just THERE hurting. Eventually I knocked out back to sleep dreaming of going into labor.

Don't worry I didn't. 
Part of me wants to already, now that a few of my friends have recently given birth (ahhh i'm next!), and the other half of me is getting a little scared. Am I ready again for HOURS of PAIN?!

I ended up sleeping in until forever. James made me some breakfast in bed because I was still in pain. The huge pain turned into little random braxton hicks, but nothing serious. Sadly we skipped out/slept through church so I could rest. 

The rest of the day was pretty relaxing, until we realized we had to be in Pupukea by 4pm, and the clock somehow fast-forwarded, leaving us rushing to get out of Laie.

But we made it....to my maternity shoot for our son, baby #2!

Sneak Peak:
 Thank you Chelsea Scanlan Photography for reserving a spot for us at such short notice. Isn't this shot soooo cute?! If you didn't know, my expected due date is HALLOWEEN!!

Mahie tagged along and got in on some pics. It was up to Chels' #1 Assistant "her husband" Jaliz, to entertain Mahie, and he sure did with that magical pumpkin! hahaha, you should've seen all the tricks he was coming up with. She loved the Scanlan's & gave them hugs when we left.
Thanks guys sooo much! Too bad I showed up sweating and totally forgetting mascara/lashes! Oh well, Chelsea is awesome, so I KNOW the shots will be too, ahhhh can't wait. Hope you guys have fun on your Anniversary Trip in San Fran (again, jealous!).

via Instagram @chelseascanlan


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these! thank goodness for my stylish hott mama who always dresses better than me even though you're preggz :) And I LOVE your little mini-me :) I can't wait to see the pics when they come out!

  2. I hope that you feel better! I love your maternity photos!

  3. So cute Ash! I love the pictures. Pretty soon they'll have a child for every holiday.

  4. I'm finally catching up on my blog reading and saw this! Thanks so much Ashlyn! You are so fabulous! I loved being able to take photos of you! And.... I'll see you in a few hours to capture little Evan! Thanks for being so great!! xo