13 November 2012

2 Weeks Down

I am 2 weeks and 4 days postpartum, and doing/feeling great. Recovery has been really smooth, although I've gotten a few reminders to still take things slow. So here's a quick family update while both babies are sound asleep:

Me: I've almost gotten the hang of breastfeeding. I only breastfed Mahie for almost 3 months, after which my milk supply disappeared and Similac took over from there. However, looking back I realized that I was just doing a lot of things wrong, as in not breastfeeding & pumping often, giving in to the Similac Ready-to-feed bottles from the hospital because it was easier, basically I just wasn't putting in the work......AND IT SURE IS HARD WORK this time around. I mentioned to my friend that I didn't realize how tough breastfeeding is, so, good on all you nursing mommies out there who last the whole first year!! (My inspirational goal) I think what's been very important with my so far success this time around, is having a great support group = husband (especially those early morning feeds), mother, and breastfeeding PROFESSIONAL friends who are just a text message/Facebook comment away w/tips. And yes, I survived with having to nurse Evan a couple of times in public so far, including a time when Mahie thought she was being cute and tried to pull my nursing cover off! Weight and belly have dropped quicker than last pregnancy, yet I'm not sure whether to credit that to breastfeeding or my Belly Bandit.

James: He has officially been named the early morning feeder. His shift starts at midnight and ends at 6am, haha. So if Evan wakes up around that time, James has him all to himself. If I'm not too tired or feel sorry for him, I'll wake up and help out....but lately he's let me sleep in since I barely sleep during the day. He has planned twice to have just a day to himself to do whatever his man heart desires, but twice me and the babies have crashed his fun day. As in today, we just got back from the 007 Skyfall movie. Evan nursed and slept the entire movie, while Mahie lasted until the last 40 minutes. He really is a wonderful husband and picked me up a new Macbook plus took me to Sephora PLUS wanted to listen to Christmas music on the drive home after stopping at Starbucks :)
Cried to wear my Mom's fresh flower lei, only to shred it a minute later

Mahie: She is her own person now......kolohe!!! We have to bribe her to do things, make sure she is entertained constantly, scold her for running to her Grandpa when we say NO, force feed her healthy food when she wants sweets, chase her around the house to stop making a mess, tell her to be nice to Evan. Then on the flip side she melts our hearts. While at Alamoana she climbed on the wall next to the  fish pond and started to sing to them. Later at home she hugged Evan and again started to sing....mind you, it's only "bah, bahhhh, bahh". She is rough at home, but in public she is very sweet to other children. Lastly, we are glad she is finally getting over being sick with Croup. Worst experience ever!
Doctor said we needed to keep her hydrated, including Sponge Bob-sicles!

Evan: Eating for days....he tires me out! He loves to be held and will sleep longer in your arms rather in his crib. No pacifiers for this baby! (Which can be a pain at times) He is finally starting to fill out, more in his face. He still is very light skinned. Now that his features are starting to appear, he's looking more like James. Last week he had a photo shoot with Chelsea Scanlan, and we are so excited to view his pictures. Today he was added on to my WIC, so now we get 3x more yummy groceries because I'm breastfeeding him + Mahie. Tomorrow is his 2 week appointment, so it's time to hit the sack!!

Goodnight, sleep tight everyone!


  1. Good job ash! It's hard breast feeding. If I knew it wasn't better for them, I'd definitely stop on a heart beat. Your babies remind me of mine. Anu is crazy out there like Mahie, and Hiwa eats for days. Things are hard in the beginning, but they do get better. Keep up the fire and try to get as much mommy time as possible, even if it means letting Mahie watch her movies all day.

  2. Good job! Hope that your recovery is going well and that you feel ok!

  3. U super mama!! Little Evan is getting bigger! I still can't get over that you're a mama of 2 now :) LOL @ Mahie trying to grab the nursing cloth off of you in public, lol, I remember my little nephew did that to my sister haha. And as I always say, reading your posts make me excited to have babies.....in about 5 years when that actually happens of course lol

  4. i never got a chance to say congrats! and how excited i am for your little one. he is adorable beyond measure. annnndddd, to do it all natural-i can finally say, 'i know the feeling.':) you're super woman and again, so so happy for your beautiful family. keep the updates coming!!!