04 November 2012

All Natural Momma

 Evan's Birth Story
 (proofs done by the hospital)

Since the beginning, this second pregnancy has been a very different experience from Mahie's (my firstborn). When I found out I was expecting Evan, I had already been almost 4 months along. I was finishing my last semester at BYU-Hawaii, including a rigorous 6a.m. jogging class that I NEEDED to pass. I felt no side affects, which with Mahie, I had to take off from work the first few weeks, I threw up every morning, slept all day in between classes (I even fell asleep sitting under a  coconut tree waiting for class)...and found out I was pregnant at 8 weeks. I guess I anticipated it more with Mahie because James and I were newlyweds and I was pregnant for the FIRST time! However, this time around, my thinking was pretty laid back...and look what happened, I didn't even know I was pregnant, HELLO!

I'm glad that I found out late, because it made my months of pregnancy go by fast. I didn't really enjoy the 'pregnant' part of last time, because I came across so many health issues and bad experiences. I guess you could say it dampened my attitude towards pregnancy altogether, which YES is very selfish & dumb, so I was constantly thinking the worst this time around....and the worse never came! I should've enjoyed this pregnancy more, it was perfect.

I carried low from the beginning, which someone had said it was a sign I was having a boy. At 36 weeks I started to dilate, which surprised the Midwife at Castle, and thus we were advised to have our hospital bags packed in case baby came early. At 38 weeks, I dilated to a 4 and baby Evan was already positioned head down and super low. That was Monday, we were told to come back on Friday. However, until Friday I was strongly encouraged to exercise, eat spicy food, etc. to break my water. But I never did, HAHA. Ask James, my family....I just didn't "FEEL" like giving birth. Honestly, I feared labor! (Another bad experience from last time) And most importantly, I DREADED the recovery (WORST experience of my life).

At our 39weeks appointment, I was dilated to 5cm, baby's head was apparently RIGHT THERE, and I was already having 3-5minute contractions....basically I was in "silent" labor and didn't know it. Tina Doyle (Midwife) kept asking me if I could feel the pain, and I was like no. (Most women at 5cm are screaming for drugs) After monitoring me and speaking with the head of their department, they decided to call the Birth Center to prepare to admit me. I then told her I was hungry and wanted some Burger King, haha. She quietly let us go since I felt no pain, and so off James, Mahie & I went to eat.

At 11:30am I was admitted, around 12:30pm-ish they broke my water.....and I stunned the entire Birthing Center staff for the next 5 hours NOT FEELING ANY PAIN!! They couldn't believe it as I was at 7cm and still walking around the hospital talking to my Mom, sister & even playing with Mahie in my ugly patient's robe. Tina Doyle kept asking what my birth plan was (Drugs or no Drugs) and I kept saying I don't know. However, she strongly encouraged me to go natural. *The epidural didn't work on me last pregnancy, my spine/back area kept clotting, but I still felt the side affects after.

At around 5pm-ish....that's when the pain came full force! So back to my hospital room I went. I could still handle them, but it totally sucked. Just before 6pm they INTENSIFIED and my back hurt from laying on the hospital bed. Yup, I told James, "GET ME THE EPIDURAL! NOW!"....however, my Midwife sly persuaded me to hold off a little since I was "...almost there!" Yah right, almost there seemed like almost never! But, she won me over with the jacuzzi. The nurses helped me into the jacuzzi, and I was in heaven! *So all you future Mama's get in that bubbly warm water instead of lying on the hard bed.

Well, jacuzzi heaven lasted only 10 or 15 minutes (Castle doesn't do water births) and out they pulled me because I was ready to push. I still had a little cervix, which made pushing even harder! And you know it, I screamed for that epidural....but through tears, groans, screams....my little Evan popped out at 6:36pm, and I officially joined the ALL NATURAL Labor Club.

I still can't believe I went natural. Even though I didn't feel that intense pain until the last hour, that pain was REAL! It's also amazing how your body kicks into gear and knows exactly what to do. And the recovery? As soon as they cleaned me up and I fed Evan....I was literally up and about. TOTALLY the opposite of how crappy and drugged I felt with Mahie. I loved it & was surprised at my recovery from deciding to go Natural.

Evan is such a perfect baby. A little white baby so far...he is much lighter than all of us. Passed all his tests, loved skin to skin contact, latched well, didn't cry a lot through the first night. We are again blessed with another little spirit.

And Mahie? Sometimes she notices he's there, and sometimes she's too into watching Tangled or Princess in the Frog. One time he cried too loud and she climbed down from the bed, walked over and kissed the side of Evan's crib. But then pointed her finger and scolded him.

Now we are a family of 4!


  1. Yaaaaayyyyy!!! You are so strong Ashlyn!! I'm glad you went natural, so that you could give me tips! lol... :) I'm glad you recovered so quickly! Can't believe you have TWO kids now!! So exciting, Mahie's gonna be an awesome big sistah it sounds like! :) Love you guys!!!!!

  2. Wow, what a story! Love reading birth stories. They are always so different. And no matter what, they always will be.

    One part sounds the same as my story though and that was how the first time around sucked and how the recovery was the worst thing youve experienced in ur life. Same here sister. But how refreshing it is the second time around when u can get up and walk around right after, and have a fast and awesome recovery. It's the best!

  3. That's awesome! Yay for au natural! I did Tuff all natural in NZ as a water birth and it was awesome. Totally would do it again! But since I'm in Hawaii and I too can say I've joined the all natural mothers club, I think I'm gonna opt for an epidural this time around. I don't know. I'm still debating! But yay, I'm glad you posted finally. I've been waiting to read your story. I love reading about people's birthing stories. Call me creepy or what but it's just awesome. Your body really does know what to do. I'm such a control freak that I like going into labor because it's the one time where I can completely pass the reins to my body and let it do it's thing. :) I think I'm rambling. Anyway, congratulations on your growing ohana.

  4. WELL DONE ASH, and Welcome to the going natural club, I loved reading your experience, Phewww I was so nervous for you, you did awesome, keeping strong, and calm. Baby is just as beautiful as Maihe. I've been contemplating wether I want to go natural again or get the epidural but Tina also told me that second time round is easier, i hope shes right because I disliked my first experience with a passion. It was extremely hard for me, and I'm soooooooo nervous about going natural again, I hope my next baby isn't as big as Aaria thats for sure, but thanks for sharing ash, Can't wait to meet Evan

  5. OMG I was rethinking about it when you were telling me the other day. I don't have kids, I'm not even sure when I'll get to have them myself, BUT I am grateful for my friends who all have kids and that they can all give me SUPER helpful tips for when I get to that point.

    On the other half, have u ever watched that birthing show on TLC? I watched a few water births and natural births, and let me tell you that I think I'll either 1) Faint 2) scream for bloody murder 3) go into seizures 4) cry uncontrollably when I give birth. I think I wanna do a water one :) lol just not in a bath tub, but in a sterile jacuzzi or something.

  6. Omg!!! Good for you!! I'm so j.