19 November 2012

Queen Croup and her Cold Minions

Like my title? It's so true that it's ANNOYING. Finally we have all caught and passed on the cold bug. It began with Mahie, which sadly turned into a mild case of Croup. (That ugly deep seal-like cough) Good thing she caught it right when she had an appointment scheduled for shots, which we held off on.    Having Croup is miserable for both baby and parents, and it sounds scary/heartbreaking. Well, almost a week later she is fully recovered and back to her normal kolohe self. ONLY AFTER giving it to the rest of us...including baby Evan. We took him in late last night to the Kahuku E.R., just to make sure things were ok, especially his breathing. I swear, every time I've gone to that E.R., I've always been seen by an awesome doctor. Why can't they just open their own practice nearby?! Evan was breathing ok, and we needed to just let the cold pass. Very sad seeing him cough and sneeze. Mahie never got a cold this early on. I'm hoping the breastfeeding will help him out somehow, but all faith has been restored when James gave him a priesthood blessing last night.

We celebrated Hillary birthday on Sunday. All my siblings drove down from Kalihi, Hill's friend came over....and we even had visits from Ida & Tiana, and my friends.

Happy 22nd Birthday Hills!
Above is the yummy cake I made her. Bunt pans make things that much fancier, lol. I really need to go back to taking better quality pictures with my Canon. Iphones really are convenient for mommies ;)

It's funny how my little sister went from a shy Momma's girl, to now, where my Mom has to be the one to call her to see how she's doing. Currently she's living the town life scene & taking graphic design classes, pretty much she's living it up and barely comes down to "boring" Laie...but when she does, we love it. I actually love it when any of my siblings drive down to visit, even if it's just a few hours. Awww...we are all so grown! haha. *Side note, Mahie's toddler habits remind me more of Hillary at that age. Always pulls her hair out when I fix it. Would rather run around in a diaper only. Love the outdoors....I named her well after my sis.

I hear Evan crying....time to sign out!

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