06 October 2010

Halloween Thief

I woke up on October first DETERMINED to decorate my little hale for Halloween!!
But since I had not a single Halloween decoration, my excitement was saved as I drove down Naniloa Loop, pass the Temple, pass the chapels & on to my parent's home.
If you don't know my Mom, "Aunty Telaya" is a devout Garage Sale Shopper.
Hence I remembered her numerous storage boxes of every holiday.
Long story short, I helped myself to all the decorations I wanted for my home, even though some had already been put out by Mom (lol).
Some of the decorations I took, haha
 Hmm...it may have been an hour after I had got back home that my Mom called and named EXACLY what I had taken, haha. (She was at the store when I stopped by)
I even took this shelf from my brother's room!

I ordered this from Walmart.com! 
Its actually a doormat, but eh, I would've snapped if I woke up the next morning to a muddy bike tire mark or dirty shoes, lol. 
So I hung it on our door. My Mom is jealous for not having one :)
Our Halloween box w/lights, pumpkin cookie cutters, trick-o-treat bags, cupcake holders & pumpkin tools!!!
I love that the holidays are beginning all over again.


  1. your holiday spirit is too cute! lol, now i wanna decorate my apartment!

  2. Omg I love your mat! and your stolen decorations of course haha. I need to be more festive too, but I think I'll just wait until December when I have money to buy some decorations for Christmas lol

  3. HI Ashlyn! I am browsing thru a bunch of blogs and came across yours and wanted to say HI! I am craaacking up at you stealing decorations and furniture from your house. Um, how come I did the same thing. Haha! Anywho, hope to see you sometime soon- HELLO we live on the same island, mahree!

  4. ooooohhhhh!! I LOVE IT!! and you WOULD steal your moms stuff. lol. sooo funny!!! but yah, i love, love, love it!!!