15 October 2010

Maternity Leave =]

This past Monday was my last night dancing at Night Show...until my little one comes along in May :)
The Girls really made me feel special, especially when I feel uncomfortable when ppl do stuff for me
Im weird, i LOVE planning or doing cute stuff for others, but rather not when it comes to me lol
Man...Nea seriously made the yummiest cupcakes EVER!!
& they were carrot cake!! hello the 1st time i allowed carrot cake into my stomach :)
Yes there are only a few of us, bc this was the secret room w/all the sweets.
they will all definitely miss ME, haha....until 6 months!!

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  1. awwww...well enjoy your break and have as much "me time" as u can possibly handle! you should start scrapbooking and continue sewing!!! so much fun! i so love not working and being in school!!