11 October 2010

scripture comfort

Although it's past 12a.m. and this post will show up as 'Monday'...
James & I were so happy that we attended Church today (Sunday)
I could definitely feel a change of spirit in our home,
and I especially needed a wake up call for scripture study.
My 'to-do list' seems to increase each week, but today I found comfort by simply going to church,
being right next to my husband & then waking him up from a nap to read our scriptures.

I can remember sitting in a circle with my siblings and parents,
each taking a turn reading a verse and as we got older a column.
(My dad got mad at us if we tried to hurry my little brother as he sounded out each syllable)
I know my parents struggled with us, and I know I sometimes fell into reading bc we had to
But then fast forward to my 1st year away from home @ BYU-Provo,
the scriptures were my best friend.
All my marked passages & side notes bring back so many memories.
I never owned my own set until I got my first job end of high school
& was so excited to get my name engraved at the bookstore!!
Today they are my comfort, guidance & daily reminders :)

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  1. My goal is to finish my book of mormon by December :) Jerome finished it before me, and he was better at reading them than me too lol