21 October 2010

Haunted Lagoon

I guess you could say that this was our Family Home Evening activity this week
Thanks to our friend Maverick, we were able to get free tickets & also use our employee id's to get some discounted tickets for everyone. 
My Aunty Ululani and cousins drove down to ride the lagoon with us.
 waiting in the longest line ever, well we saw my dad & cut in line
Our cute friend Kiana who had to work that night
James & I both felt that last year's Haunted Lagoon was better.
we just got more wet this time around
Everyone else loved it as a first time experience

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  1. i hope i make my flight home next week (its a buddy) cuz if i do im so goin to the haunted lagoon!!! but shhh. mom or fam doesnt know! lol. im so excited!!!