28 February 2011

Eric's Dino-Cake

It was my brother's birthday, so I made him a Dinosaur Cake
Eric turned 24, so never too old for cute little cakes like these
My 30 Weeks Preggers Self James snapped licking the frosting
Everyone singing Happy Birthday, he was totally surprised & loved his cake. (We HAD to surprise him because this brother is 'whatever' towards everything.) Actually everyone loved it so much that they didn't want to touch it, but my Grandpa was the first to dig in & chopped Dino's head off. For some reason I never eat any of the things I bake, but I was told it tasted good ;)


  1. i don't eat my baking either! that looks just like the video! good job!!

  2. What a cute idea, I'm totally stealing this for Wes's birthday. He LOVES dinosaurs!

  3. OMG betty crocker! Love the cake