02 June 2011

"One Month" Week

Mahie has made it to the big "ONE MONTH" (+ 3days) milestone.
Weighing in at 10.1 lbs
Which meant she was due for the second part of her HepB shot
I was so afraid for her that I had to have James hold her because my entire body tensed up as they prepared her immunization. James rocked her in his arms & put her pacifier in her mouth...and her poor little face made a cute but heartbreaking frown when the needle went in. Yes she cried, but with the comfort of her Daddy, she handled it very well & she was showered with hugs & kisses. 
As the day ended though, she started get cranky & fussy. My arms were so tired of holding her (which was the only way she could be soothed) as I walked in circles around the apartment. It's funny how you can come up with the dumbest lullabies when you're desperate to rock your tired baby to sleep.
Ready for her 1st day at Church
After recovering and being MIA for almost 4 weeks, we made it to our ward (which felt strange). So many old friends had moved out after graduation & new couples/faces were everywhere. They may have thought we were new too, SORRY NO! 
Although I breastfeed Mahie, she'll also take as much formula as possible too. So being our first time taking her to sacrament, I made sure to pack enough newborn ready-to-feed bottles just in case she decided to scream her head off. She never does, but you never know & I didn't want to be the Mom w/the screaming baby that kills the reverence. Plus I'm not at all confident w/using my feeding cover in public. I think I checked on Mahie every other minute & barely paid attention to the speakers. Thankfully she slept the entire time, snuggled in her car seat. I was so tempted to use one of her blankets because I was freezing from the a.c.! We originally planned just for sacrament, but it just felt right to stay all 3 hours and we were blessed with a content sleepy baby.
honi's for those chubby cheeks!

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