08 March 2012

bundled in hawaii nei

Here is Mahie ready to leave with Grandma to the playground just outside our TVA apartment. By the look of her clothes, you'd think it was FREEZING outside. Well, by "Hawaii standards" it has been totally freezing the past few days. Heavy rain, strong wind, yucky weather....causing cold little feet and toes crawling around our apartment floor. Good thing no sniffles have come home with any of us. However, it hasn't been all that bad. Some days it makes the bed, couch, pillows and warm fuzzy blankets that much cozier. (And also leaving to work a little harder.) It has also inspired a variety of hot and hearty dinner meals that have satisfied and warmed the belly before bed. Trini Kaopuiki says to expect more rainy days to come with this storm passing through. Well, at least we aren't getting poured down with hail like on Big Island.

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