17 March 2012

hulahula overload

For a while I didn't have anything to blog about, well I did, and thought THOSE ideas would be better for upcoming posts....and then I got lazy......and then midterm projects kicked in.....and then all that heavy rain & storms......and then I stayed lazy. But today we got up and headed to town, just for Mahie. Since January I've had her first birthday at the back of my mind, along with a ton of jumbled ideas. Thank goodness by the time my birthday came in February, I decided on a theme. It's not really a theme theme, like a movie, Disney princess or cartoon....I just always adored dancing hula, and hula girls for that matter and thought, hmmm "a hula girl theme" would be cute. What's a hula girl theme? Well I'm making it up as I go. Everyday I've been finding inspiration, so the Swapmeet for sure supplied all those crafty ideas in my head. Anyways, I'm trying to keep myself as far away from stressing out as possible....why does all this planning seem so similar to my reception, weird. Hard to explain. And then some days I feel like 'Super Mom Party Planner' ready to tackle anything, and other days I could care less and would rather pay my Mom or Sister to do it all, lol. Really. We're still deciding if it will be at our local stake center or at Kualoa Ranch since my brother Eric can get it for free, woohoo. All in all, I need to remind myself to keep things simple. What's a party if the Mom's a hot mess? lol. But I think stress is just a natural part of me, geez.

So we went to the Swapmeet for some decorations and such....a really nice chinese lady sold me some "hula girl skirt kits" lol, for cheap, and I think it'll be cute to hang it somewhere at the party. My Mom of course put it on Mahie as soon as we got home, but NO, NEVER, would I let my daughter wear that forreals in public, no matter what age. It was funny though, until she started to chew on everything.

I also started to work on goodie bag ideas. I've had a ton of brown lunch bags in storage since I worked for Laie Summer Fun a couple years ago, and thought it was time to use them up. My Mom always has all sorts of crafts from collecting cheap from garage sales and also because she's been Primary President. She had some green sparkly tissue paper and zigzag scissors. We decided to make simple "hula girl" bags. On Pinterest I saw that a lot of Mom's had used brown lunch bags too (thank goodness not just ME being thrifty) and just folded the top with a secured laundry pin. So at the Swapmeet I bought a ton of those clip fake flowers to secure the top of the bags. I didn't expect how cute they'd turn out. Simple, but totally cute. And the boys can just give their clips to their sisters or Moms, lol. They look better in person, especially the "grass skirts".
The 'mahalo' stickers were leftover from my reception. In a few days we're going to look at hula dancer balloons. Hula this, hula that.

And now here's the reason why Mahie was so fussy and OVER tired....finally rolling over and knocking out because of all the sugar she had today! Shave Ice and my Mc Donald's parfait.
I've got a lot on my plate for the next couple of weeks: A power-point presentation ALLLLLLL in SAAAAMOAN, my sewing final that's due first week of April that I've been procrastinating on (I hate necklines), getting rid of things to move out, Senior deadlines for Graduation, work to keep finances running, internship paper to get credit, all of Mahie's birthday stuff......and just some other random stuff that will pop into my head right when I start to doze off for the night. To top it all off, I'm starting to not feel well. Tomorrow is Sunday, and I'm ready to rest! I'm glad James made dinner tonight: Shoyu Chicken and yummmmy potato salad.


  1. #1: What???? 1yr already?
    #2: I'm not much of the hula (touristy) look, but this is awesome. She's adorable in her outfit and the bags are awesome!
    Good luck with everything :)

  2. Mahie is so cute! And I love your idea for the goody bags. Genius!

  3. thats the exact same theme i did for hinas 2nd birthday party that we had this past weekend. its a super cute theme and its so easy to find things to do for it. it was only a small kine party that i had, but i had so much fun prepping for it. i posted about it a few days ago.

    and yes i can sooo work on your back! im getting a lot of experience in backs at the internship im at now and i even had a patient in hawaii that i worked with specifically on her back because of the birth of her baby and stuff. too bad im not in hawaii anymore though. :(

  4. i love it! she's soooo adorable in that outfit-- future dancer just like mama!