02 March 2012

What's the Current?

....well as of this past week, and 1/2 of yesterday, and all of today...James and I have made it through half the house: getting rid of junk, selling things & packing/sorting the lucky few. If you read my Facebook status yesterday, I was blown away when it came to Mahie's clothes! She has tooooooo many. And it doesn't help that they ALL are cute. Hopefully I have a little girl for baby#2. Anyways, we know whatever we can't get rid of (actually we know we don't really NEED to get rid of a lot)...we'll give to my parents. The true test will come when the international move comes. Until then, de-clutter!

We're thinking, The Lorax tonight??
Aloha Rainy Friday


  1. When and where are you moving? Is it to Melbourne? We are moving at the end of this month!

  2. wait i didnt know u were moving? when and where? maybe ill just scroll down and read to find out.

  3. and did i miss something? are u preggos? in the past few posts you've mentioned next baby or pregnancy....is this true??

  4. Tiff-James leaves 1st week of May, me & baby probably a month after.
    Crystal- How did your interning go?? No baby#2 for a while (i hope) lol, but after I grad in April we're moving to Australia or NZ :) Crazy. Come visit us out there!