25 March 2012

ER Sunday

Our Sunday started at 3? 4 this morning? I'm not sure, all I know is that we left the Emergency Room in Kahuku around 5:30am, two tired parents and one feverish sleepy baby. Since Friday Mahie was having some high fevers off and on, a runny nose at times too, but since she was always drooling, we assumed it was from teething starting up again. In the middle of the night I heard her moaning and getting restless, and then she started to shake all over and breath quickly. That scared me the most because it took me back to the delivery room when the nurses snatched her from my arms and put her on a breathing machine. We piled into the car like zombies....it couldve been nothing, it couldve been anything too...we didn't want to take any chances and regret things later.
The nurse and doctor on duty were very welcoming for it being the middle of the night. In fact, they were funny, especially the nurse who started to play with Mahie as she checked her in. Their humor caused me to relax, and it also helped with Mahie's fever, shakes, etc, to drop quickly, weird. It was also surprising to see how good a patient Mahie was. Usually if someone she doesn't know touches her, she whacks their hand or pushes away. She let the nurse and doctor do their thing, and kept yawning as if to say HURRY UP. lol. That's what made the staff laugh the most. That is, until the Doctor tried to open her mouth with a popsickle stick, and she tried to bite it (of course she's teething), and instead she gagged and up came her last bottle all over herself, James, the Doctor, the bed and the floor. Lol, the Nurse went off at the Doctor and helped to clean Mahie up right away getting towels and wiping her down. It might be a viral infection, but the Doctor said her body just needs to let it pass, but to bring her in if the symptoms get worse or continue.

Mahie doze off right away as they discharged her, while James and I dragged our feet back to our TVA apartment. I feel bad for my husband right now, as we were both suppose to give a talk in sacrament on, "The Blessings of Giving". We had our talks ready and everything, but our poor baby needed our attention more. So we decided James would go & I'd stay with Mahie since I was starting to not feel so good either.

That's our Sunday so far. I feel so groggy from sleeping and then waking up on an off schedule because of Mahie being uncomfortable, and now being surrounded by a messy house is not putting me in a good mood either. But, I need to be grateful that our daughter is okay. She just went down for another nap. Happy Sunday.

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  1. Awwwww poor baby! I can only imagine how scared u must've felt when u saw her shaking and breathing quickly!! And good on u, u need to rest this Sunday from all the work u been doing. FRAK I shoulda came to Winterball with you! I was off that night too :-( ugghh it's ok nex' time!