04 March 2012

Weekend with The Lorax

A very rainy, but relaxing weekend. And I've welcomed the chilly breeze blowing through our bedroom windows. Since we've been seeing that short, fuzzy orange cartoon online and on tv, we thought we'd take Mahie to see The Lorax in Mililani, and then fill up on house goods at Walmart after. That movie is a definite must see! Of course, since its by the same producers of Despicable Me. We were surprised that Mahie sat up and watched the entire movie AND ENJOYED IT! Clapping her hands, and laughing, lol, even waving and blowing kisses to the screen. She loved that it was also a musical and started dancing when the characters would sing.
Here she is at Target chilling out. We think she's happier because we bought her a 'big girl' forward-facing car seat. You can also see a quick second on how bad I 'impulse shop', as I toss things into the cart and move on to the next aisle, lol.
 I hope the rain cancels jogging tomorrow since we're schedule to run the bike path, I'm gonna freeze!


  1. Haha I love the video its so cute and she looks so happy.

  2. lol love that stink look when you see james recording you. let's go shopping sometime. baby is so cute, she looks like such a cruiser.

  3. Seriously Mahie is soooo adorable! I'm working on Oahu these days so i'll have to come and see you guys sometime!

  4. How come Mahie is so cute?! Can't wait to see her again!