01 March 2012

10 Months-Mahie

Our little girl is 10 months....and turns our house upside down everyday! She is everywhere and in everything. I should've seen this coming, as she was a very active baby while in my tummy.
Doc. Schlacter stat's:
20.16 lbs (didn't really gain weight, however it made up in her height!)
31 1/2 inches tall! She has really long legs, and she uses them when her hands can't reach, lol.
Hair is still growing like a weed.
The drool has made its return, so we may be expecting a tooth or two soon. Hopefull not 4 at once like last time.

Mahie is very smart. She points at things she wants or is interested in and mumbles at it. When we answer her, she mumbles back in response, its cute. After a while though, she points at a million things! She drinks tons of water and baby apple juice from her Nuby. We still give her bottles when we need her to calm down or knock out (like in a movie). She is always standing up against something, hence all of our lower shelves are empty because we are tired of putting things back. She has a little cushion giraffe friend, and so when she's tired she'll crawl over and sleep on him.We also bought her one of those infamous Sophie the Giraffe 6-senses teething toy, but it freaked her out with its loud squeaker. Considering how expensive it was, James wanted to return it but maybe next baby will enjoy it.

My Aunty works for Alu Like and they were awarded a grant to send their workers to homes of Hawaiian keiki to "encourage parents to use daily activities and play to help their children be successful before school starts." Not only is it awesome, but free, and the Alu Like workers bring toys, visuals, everything! You don't have to leave your house. It's pretty interesting since we as adults ignore our child's perspective of the world from their level. It's usually for 1-3 year olds, but since my Aunty is in charge, well Mahie was the exception, haha. Some of the best toys/activities for great cognitive learning & interaction: blocks & peek-a-boo.....and yes, allowing Mahie to take things off the shelves, but also helping her to put them back on. Mahie loves her blocks. While we were at Whole Foods at Kahala Mall, we stopped by Thinker Toys and loved their selection of 'learning toys'.

One more thing, hide your food from Mahie. She'll want whatever you put in front of her and whatever is on your plate. She is constantly snacking, but never gains anything! Thats the life! haha. We love you Mahie, not so much your stinky diapers, pre-tantrums, or when you try to crawl away from us under the table....but we love you nonetheless! 10 months & counting the single steps she takes on her own before tumbling down!


  1. hahaha Love u Mahie!!!! she is getting so big! and she's gonna have killer legs like her mama!