27 June 2011

Day Off

It was James day off from the BBC (Bobby Benson Center), so I was able to sleep in a little more since he got up to feed Mahie. But then I heard her crying and the motherly instinct in me took over & forced me out of bed to face the day with eyeliner "raccoon" eyes & frizzy hair.
Monday's always reveal how messy my house has gotten from the previous week & neglect over the weekend. James was sent off to the Laundry Room & I tidied up everything else while Mahie stared wide-eyed around the couch. 
Finally the house could breath again & my stress level dropped. For some reason a messy home = a stressed out Ashlyn (ahhhhhh! watch out!)
We have so many papers lying around the house: bills, receipts, 'this is not a bill' statements, old mail, unopened mail, baby cards, coupons, notes...but now, everything has been either tossed out or filed into our RE-organized file case. Lets just see how long this lasts.

Our Daughter does NOT like to sleep or nap. She absolutely will not shut her eyes. WE think that SHE thinks she's missin' out on the world & therefore NEEDS to look around & see what's happening. She'll be swaddled & rocked so peacefully to sleep but then she'll wake herself up or fight her obviously tired eyelids from shutting. 
Geez girl, you're livin the life, get as much shut eye as possible!
Turning off the lights won't help, they just make her eyeballs grow bigger.
Lullabies? They make her smile....and smiling for some reason makes her hungry :)
SPEAKING of HUNGER, Mahie seems to be eating every other hour. My milk factory is going out of business soon, cause "we" can't keep up with her demands, no seriously. 
She loves breast milk, she loves formula, she loves the fat on the back of her hand, the corners of blankets, basically anything near her mouth she'll suck away at. 
*Warning* Be careful when kissing Mahie when she's hungry, she'll turn her head towards you and attempt to eat your cheek :)
Trust me, she's got some serious head bunts too!

Anyways I hear her hollering AGAIN from the bedroom for another bottle
That's my girl, eat like no tomorrow!

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  1. Ash! Mahie is sooooo friggin cute!! and my niece is the same way she doesnt like napping either. Always up and wanting to be carried around staring at everything with her big eyes!