05 June 2011

Saturday Munchin Lunchin

Whoa, the skies have been blasting & crackling like crazy this weekend. I'm such a "fraidy-cat" that I cling onto James whenever a huge one ka-BOOMS right above us. Ugh, I hate it. Don't get me wrong, I love rainy days, but not scary thunderstorms. Good thing Mahie is able to sleep right through them & mommy's screams. 
Luckily, around midday, sunny skies & humid heat were rising and I begged James to take Mahie & I out. I've been going crazy being cooped up in my home. At first we thought about Kaneohe bound, but then we knew James had work at 4pm so we didn't want to rush back. Plus I think we both knew I'd get tempted to shop. Well we turned left on Kam Hwy instead of right and off to Haleiwa Town it was!
James: "Haleiwa Joes?"
Me: "No, I wanna try that Thai food place. The really colorfully one!"

(photo's always look stunning until they get uploaded on here)

We tried some very deliciously, different, dishes.
Coconut Curry Chicken Kabobs
Thai Chicken Fried Rice
Pineapple Curry w/Vege's
Our mouths were steaming! We're totally not fans of spicy foods, however we THOUGHT we made it clear to the waitress that we wanted MILD.
Here's James showing off his chopsticks skills.
We both suck at using them and I feel that they become even more difficult to work with when you're starving and can only pick up a few rice grains, haha. The chopsticks reminded us of that one movie, "Surfing Ninjas". You know, where those brothers are like secret princes, and one brother uses his video game thing to control the ninja's fighting. (They even envision surfboards out of a forest of trees) Well in one scene the guys used chopsticks. Ya dumb, we laughed.
Dessert was YUMMERS! Fried banana's and the best vanilla ice cream ever.
It was nice to crack up together. The inside of the restaurant reminded us of our honeymoon, especially Mexico because of all the colors.
Here's what Mahie thought of the place:
As James & Baby knocked out in our a.c. car, I was able to check out the Volcom Store & Surf N Sea. Haven't been shopping in Haleiwa for a long while.
It was such a nice day.
Our upcoming ONE YEAR anniversary is approaching!
Anyways I can also hear more thunder sneaking up, blah! Like on Jurassic Park when you know the T-Rex (or whatever) is coming, the little rumbles in the muddy foot puddles...well Imma try and knock out before I freak out.
Goodnight, love us three!

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