26 June 2011

Sunday Mommy

At 5:45a.m. James got up & prepared for his 1st official day at his new job. Some of you may wonder WHAT JOB? WORKING ON A SUNDAY! (Gasp!)

The days nearing Mahie's delivery, James & talked about me staying home with our little sweetheart as much as possible before school started up again. Of course if I wanted to work a couple days here & there I could, but basically being with our daughter was the priority....meaning....the new Daddy went out & applied for a second job. For the past two weeks James underwent long hours of training (8a.m.-4/5pm) and then would head straight to his second job from 4pm-8pm. Mahie & I didn't see him until around eight at night, which sucked! Plus he couldn't be on his phone, so I never could text him either. Now he's done with the boring training part & has a set schedule for the week, yet BETTER pay does come with drawbacks since he'll be working every other Sunday.

After morning prayer, James kissed us goodbye at 6:45am. Mahie & I didnt get up til 9:30am and I thought I'd start to get her bathed, fed & diaper bag, etc. ready early for church at 12pm. Usually she is sleepy before church, but for some reason my chunky monkey was wide awake and very playful. She just didn't want to nap or be put down. I had to get all her things ready with one hand. I even had to drag her bouncy chair in the bathroom with me as I played peeka-boo behind the shower curtains. (I know all my shampoo didn't get rinsed out) This girl is definitely helping me lose weight because I barely had time to get a bite in for breakfast. She even had a second bottle while my stomach growled away.

I was kind of hesitant going to church without James, especially with carrying our heavy car seat. So before heading out, I picked Mahie up, looked her in the eyes & told her she needed to be a good girl today.....she made the biggest smile & kicked her legs. As soon as we were out the door she knocked out....for the whole 3 hours of church! phew :)

I'm confident enough to say I got the hang of things. Not just with having Mahie alone at church, but being her Mommy so far. The beginning was not easy and sometimes I just wanna complain like "well they're rich" or "it's easy for them because they still live with their parents" or envy those that seem to just be handed things, but I'm glad my husband and I have felt the experience of what it is to struggle at times. Those who don't are living in a fantasy world. Whether it be financially, physically or emotionally...we can say we did it all ourselves, us together. 
The greatest lesson of faith & strength.
So bring it on rent, tuition, insurance mix ups, late night baby fussiness, piles of laundry, dirty dishes, grocery budgeting, car troubles, long hours at the library, longER hours at work....you gotta learn to just ride the wave and go with things. 

James is off tomorrow, oh happy day!


  1. Ashlyn! You are soo cute!! And I totally agree with you! It's hard to see those couples who still have their parents helping with everything, but in the end we will become closer and love each other more because we struggled together to get what we have!! :))

  2. Ashlyn you are a hott mama!!! And of course you can handle little mahie, because you are a busy body who does everything, especially when you were pregnant :) IM HAPPY FOR YOUR MOMMY SKILLS!

  3. Yay I can finally comment? (I'm not sure why, it wouldn't let me do that on the other posts???)
    Good job :) I think we're gonna force feed aka dope our lil one right before church hoping he'll sleep through all three hours of church. Ha.

  4. Glad Mahie was good for you on your first solo Sunday! :) Parenting ain't easy and even after three kids I still ain't got it. I know EXACTLY what you mean about people getting handed stuff to them. I used to think like that - especially towards people who only have one kid - or none - while we struggled with three! lol But you know what, the Lord continues to give me strength each day and that frustration turned into strength. I am proud every day when I realize I've gotten through it and I accept help whenever its offered to me. I'll be taking my boys out to the park more often so I'll text you to let you know to bring Mahie out for some sun! :) Maybe we can go walking together :)