28 June 2011

Move Ya Body!

All I can (barely) say is...OUCH!
I went to my first ever ZUMBA workout backstage at Night Show (PCC)
I'm so so so so so so x 100 out of shape!
In my head I think I can start where I left off BEFORE I was pregnant, yeah right! It isn't there physically! 
Although I thought I was gonna have a heart attack or something, it was VERY fun bouncing around with my old co-workers. Loved the music, it kept my spirits up LOL. 
I feel that I'm a pro at salsa moves.
Anyways, here's to getting my figure back!
See you all Thursday night!
Hubby's asleep, Baby's asleep...Mommy needs a shower before knocking out too :)


  1. I LOVE ZUMBA! I zumba n swam my way back to pre pregnant weight. I dunno about pre pregnancy body tho. I feel like I will never get that back...hehehe...KEEP IT UP MOMMA!!! ull feel GREAT in NO TIME!!!

  2. zumba is seriously the best way to work out. i last so much longer at the gym, thanks to zumba!! keep up the good work! u will be slim in no time!!