29 June 2011

take a walk in the country

...smell the sweet country air

the other day hills & I stayed in the entire day watching old episodes of teen mom on my ps3 netflix account. after about ALL the hours in the day had slipped by, i started to go crazy & needed OUT of my apartment. we packed mahie up, got our sunglasses on & out with the stroller we headed.
where? we didn't know
i played tour guide for a while going past q building & pointing to where what used-to be nea's apt. then we headed past sanoe's apt. then we almost hit the chapel but got bored so we decided to turn around & go to the temple. 
As our journey took us the back way to the temple grounds, I stopped and asked hill if she ever visited the farm/planting area. 
Nope, k shoots lets go!
Mahie was bouncin all over the place as I shoved the stroller over the grass & dead plants. 
It was a perfect time to be outdoors: the sun was almost about to set with a cool breeze running through the banana trees. 
all that was missing was a hāliʻi (sheet) to lay down on the grass with
after we left, i swear i didnt see one mosquito but somehow im suffering from 4 bites!
LOL, we carried the stroller up those little steps & voila!
we made it to the temple just in time to feed mahie and watch the sun set
go for a walk sometime
good for the heart, good for the soul

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  1. omg i love walks! ur so right! good for the heart & soul!!