28 February 2012

Interning with Mama

Look who tagged along with me at work! The Marketing interns have been in every nook and cranny of PCC, some areas I didn't even know existed...to shoot the 2012 Employee Recognition DVD. Today we had the Tahiti and Hawaii villages scheduled, and although the weather was kinda cold and junk, the employees really impressed Larie & I with their creativity and dancing skills. Well, more Hawaii than Tahiti. They went all out and gave it to the camera...that's why we're going to give their clip the most time in the music video. As I walked around with Mahie to kill time in between  film shoots, my friends in the Samoan Village made her a little headband and added the bow. So many old Japanese grandma's passing by in their tour groups took a million photo's of her & asked where they could get a child headband lol. The other intern, Tonu loves Instagram, so he snapped the above pictures of Mahie and sent me a copy. I didn't realize how much Mahie enjoyed PCC and loved laughing and pointing at everything around her. My favorite moment was when we passed Tonga, she heard the drums, got really still, and then started bouncing up and down to the beat, clapping her hands. It was so sweet and entertaining for me and the tourists passing by.


  1. Mahie, I hope you can tag along again!!! It was so fun having her with us!!

  2. Mahie ur so adorable!!!!! This rain and weather is killing me btw!