12 February 2011

Banana Cake w/Chocolate Peanut Butter Ganache

James helped me study for my 3rd Samoan 102 test the entire day:
"E tatau ona kuka e le fafine le mea'ai"
Anyways after that brain killer, I dropped James off at work since it was my day off and worked on my banana cake. I couldn't wait for our banana's to become really really ripe so that I could try out this recipe I came across on one of my favorite food blogs. 
 Our home smelled beyond delicious.
Although we didn't have ice cream on hand, we did wash everything down with a glass of milk.
 It's been a very fun night so far.
We moved (well James did) our mattress and memory foam into the living room.
Movies, sweets, our own little "sleepover-style" Friday fun.
Not even aware I had the timer & multi-shot on!
  still fully immersed in his black ops, but then he started to catch on

We watched Part II of the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion. 
Those women are filthy rich and also crack up! There better be a Season II!
The sink is filled with dishes...
goodnight mates


  1. What's the food blog?!? You guys are so much fun!

  2. Holy cake!!! Love the game face. Haha.

  3. cute!! we always sleep in our living room b/c our heater sucks and we freeze in our room! btw, that cake is huge!

  4. ive seen that show. they are crack ups. spence and i watch the bachelor together. lol. he'd be mad if i knew i wrote that on here, but oh well. lol. good job on the humungous cake. i dont know how to spell that. haha. but whatevs. love the sleepover! haha! we do that too sometimes. :)