04 February 2011

a Samoan-Hawaiian-Navajo

James and I both slept in & I got up just in time for my only class, Applied Anthropology @ 11am. Lunchtime: We are both striving to eat healthier meals and I came across two cute food blogs that I have been camping on the entire day. I made some teriyaki meatballs & a salad, simple but very flavorful and satisfying. Anyways, we had the entire day to relax (well I had to finish a presentation for my online class), and my mind wondered a little here and there thinking about our little girl, especially how/what she'll look like. I laugh because I'm expecting each of my future children to come out with different types of hairstyles: 1) The Hawaiian: dark brown, wavy  2) The Navajo: straight-thick-black, no white hairs EVER!, but also cant hold a curl  3) The Samoan: Nappy as hell, & choke white hairs :)  4) The Chinese: thin, silky straight-my little brother was blessed with beautiful hair...so between james and I, lets just say hair-straighteners will be a lifetime investment haha. Here are a couple of baby pictures of us for a mental calculation for May 7th!

Us with our loving siblings
Im the princess with the crown!
James is the little cutie on top


  1. Haha I love this! I totally got that Samoan hair too! Ughh thank goodness for hair straightners! Your baby will be beautiful though!

  2. You're little girl is going to be one beautiful kid, regardless of the hair! But I'm not going to lie, I'm so grateful for hair straighteners!