07 February 2011

Maternity Yoga

I came home after my 7:30am class & passed by so many women running. I miss going for a run! So I came home,  and popped in my maternity exercise dvd. Due to being sick the end of my first trimester, I slacked off on exercising...but I'm back at it! Now that I'm in my second trimester, I have a lot of energy that helps me balance the now rapid growth of our little girl. The baby weight is now taking its toll on all parts of my body, but my exercises & yoga (with a few dips in the ocean), help me out a lot in limiting pains. Plus it keeps the blood flowing, keeps my legs from cramping and makes me happy & healthy.

For FHE tonight we watched an exert from an interview with Elder Perry. He's my favorite apostle, because he was the first one I met when I was younger haha, but also because he is so humble and a wonderful person to listen to. 
"How the Priesthood Strengthens the Family".
(scroll down until you see the movie to play)
I liked when he touched on the relationship between husbands and wives.
"The respect and honor we give our sweet companions is one of the great responsibilities we have as a priesthood bearer.”


  1. I love this post! And eh your still skinny with your baby bump! and I don't know why but I cried when i watched your FHE video. i think it's because it's raining outside and today was a crappy day so i feel like being crappy and crying :) but it did make me feel the spirit :)

  2. I agree with Nea, you look great! I wished I kept up with exercising when I was pregnant, but I learned my lesson, so I'll apply it when I decide to have another one. I wish we had the ocean though. I miss going to the beach! It was the easiest and most fun form of exercising! You go with your maternity yoga!

    And that was a wonderful video. Now I have to go and repent for thinking mean thoughts about my husband when he doesn't help clean. haha.