03 February 2011

The Month of LOVE

my most favorite month
(other than Christmas)
blogger really takes away from the quality of photo's, the colors are beyond beautiful in person
February is just so girly, and romantic....and hearts flying everywhere, lol, time to indulge in chocolates...and its also the month to celebrate my birthday: the 14th, Valentines Day
So, in honor of the month of my birth, I'll try to blog about as much childhood memories leading to the 14th! On whatever comes to mind, watch out, YOU may even be featured in one of them....haha <3

 (Above) My Great-Grandma Hannah (Hawaiian side) holding me at my baby's blessing, decked out in my Navajo wear & jewelry from Grandma Yazzie in Arizona. My Mom still has my little dress & little silvers, turquoise, belt & moccasins for my little girl :)
picture holder from a craft sale, its wobbly :)

Today I am so happy for a specific & secret reason...that makes me even more excited for our little girl to arrive :)

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  1. Haha I totally have that same heart wreath and I loove it! I look at it every day and just sigh!