21 February 2011

Kaahanui Reunion

Ohhhhh Sunday, what a day....

So yesterday in Sacrament meeting, our Bishop thought we would be able to listen to some Stake and High Council speakers, however he mixed up the dates or whatever so the program was empty. SOOOOOOOO, what OUR Bishop LOVES (sarcasm) to do, even on days when there ARE assigned speakers, is to call on random ward members to bear their testimony or to give a talk. I have already been the victim (lol) of this random selection when we first moved into the ward.

I sat there in sacrament not feeling the nervousness/pressure like everyone else wanting to sneak away to the bathroom because I had already been called before. Which on that past occasion I had the worst fever & runny nose EVER, & was still called up even though Bishop KNEW I was a hot-congested mess. This time, I was like hey I got called already, plus hello I'm pregnant and swollen, lol. So I kept poking at James to pay attention because I felt he would be called.......HELLO WAS I WRONG! Cause as soon as I did this, all I heard projecting from that awful, dreadful microphone was, "And now we would like to hear a talk from Sister Ashlyn Aspinall" (FRACK!) Yes guys, I could not believe it, and James' face was shocked/scared, not for me having to talk but for my reaction, thinking "Oh my gosh is she gonna rage?!" lol, well, I made my strut down the aisle and up to the podium with a blank mind & empty mouth.

Bishop announced a theme he wanted us all to follow, "The things that prevent me/us from loving fully" I KNOW RIGHT! What the?? And now Im stuck standing in front of the whole ward with 'What the?' stamped on my forehead. Well the first thing that came out of my mouth was pure ASHLYN PERSONALITY/HONESTY saying: "Well Bishop, one thing that is preventing me from loving YOU fully is that this is my second time getting called up while you have never picked on my husband EVER, you can choose him too you know" bahahaha, whatever, it got the ward & bishopric rolling....and I was able to give a talk/bear my testimony on the power of patience in all of our relationships, and how patience allows us to love. And then of course I cried as I explained how truly blessed I was to have James because he is MY perfect example of Patience, especially since quote, "I'm such a Monster in the morning because of my pregnancy and a Monster at night" :) but my husband through patience loves me no matter what, and has taught me to be likewise towards him and others.
So thanks Bishop, but stop picking on me eh! LOL, too much stress on my pregnant body haha. Nah, many ward members complimented me afterwards.

After church was pau, I zoomed over to do my Visiting Teaching for my dear friend Dahli who's from the Congo and ONLY speaks FRENCH! I definitely have a testimony on how the spirit helps us to communicate verbally and with the heart if we really REALLY exercise faith. And sure has helped me & my companion Ming out with beautiful Dahli. If I could, I would just sit there and listen to her speak French all day, such a beautiful language, gets me every time. Dahli and her husband are wonderful people and have gone through numerous challenges to be able to attend BYUH. Her english is improving as she is excelling in her English classes sponsored by our ward. She is also probably two weeks ahead of me, so we share that special pregnancy bond.
I came home from Visiting Teaching to a special surprise from the gorgeous Lanea, one of my favorite and best friends of all time.....cinnamon rolls for my birthday. I was so mad that I missed her, I barely get to see her since I quit Night Show and we both aren't in the same classes anymore. Plus she's always traveling the world showing off her hot body and mean dancing skills. C'mon guys out there, hit that up! LOL
us killing time at Camp Erdman
Our whole family piled up in different cars and headed to Waialua for our Kaahanui Reunion luau. Hoooo Brah the venison was MEAN! Mahalo to the Moloka'i Kaahanui's. It was a reunion honoring one of our kupuna John William Nakoa Kaahanui, with family connections branching to Moloka'i and Maui.

Anyways, that was our Sunday. Pregnancy Update:
I am 29 weeks & 3 days! (Baby size: Butternut Squash)
Slowly Im putting my hospital bag together, never too early to be prepared right?
Bought the cutest little girl outfits that were on sale for $1-$2 (Ballah on a Budget!)
Was late to my Glucose test so they had to rush me in, & rush the needle too ugh!
you don't think its that big until you have to time yourself gulping this down
We got a First Name-Middle Hawaiian Name-Middle Samoan Name chosen :)
I look swollen in all my pictures, gross, & feet have gone from a size 8 to size 9
Baby girl has got some HUGE kicks goin on.....

Well I need to get ready to sleep, my Dad is driving me in tomorrow (5:30am) for Jury Summons in downtown Honolulu, hopefully I don't get selected for Jury Duty. Please Jury Selection people, take one look at me & send me to the exit LOL. Im wearing my most "pregnant looking top" tomorrow morning, night :)


  1. lol!!! ash you are so funny! i am craaacking up about bishop picking you AGAIN but even more funny that you used that example to make your point. hehe, glad you were able to come up with something right at the spot- malo we the people and speech and debate lol jk. anywho love you pretty mama! hope all is well as your pregnancy progresses and perhaps even more difficult- oh but i'm sure it will all be worth it in the end! xoxo

  2. i take my glucose test in 2 weeks! glad i got to read your experience with it first.

  3. Can i just say that I couldn't stop laughing because i COULD SO HEAR YOUR VOICE IN YOUR HEAD screaming at your Bishop! bahahaha I'm so glad you make me crack up! I could just see your face as soon as he called your name! My bishopric tries to do that, but I'm so glad they don't know my name, otherwise I know they woulda called me up already.

    And oka you have a HUGE family! I haven't been to a big family even in AGES so hopefully when I have my own family I'm gonna multiply and replenish the earth and have 8 kids! (I'll probably only last for like 3, but 8 is a goal!)

    And thank you for my shout out on yo blog!!! wooohooo!!! bahahaha i love your "c'mon guys out there hit taht up!" thank u friend for advertising me muahaha.